Silberline licenses Outperform Planning

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Silberline will replace their existing spreadsheets driven sales and budget planning process with Outperform Planning. The current spreadsheet based process is time consuming and error prone due to the collaboration required amongst the different personnel based around the world. Which also lead to fewer update cycles than what the business desired. With Outperform Planning, we will have a solution to look forward, measure and adjust in a much shorter timeframe; which results in the rest of the organization reacting swiftly to the needs of the marketplace. The implementation timeline is set to be fairly aggressive so as to have it in time for the 2015 budgeting process to take advantage of the intuitive and collaborative environment of Outperform Planning solution. We are very excited to work with Silberline and welcome them as a customer. The focus will be on the Sales in S&OP.

About Silberline:

Silberline was founded in 1945 by aluminum industry pioneer Ernest Scheller. His vision was to create a business that would provide the highest quality products and customized service in a manner of unyielding integrity. Recognized today as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of aluminum effect pigments, Silberline is that company envisioned by Ernest Scheller over 60 years ago. Still a family owned business with Lisa Jane Scheller as Chairman, Silberline has over 700 employees world-wide with manufacturing, technical and research centers in Europe, Asia and North America. Through our highly experienced executive account managers, technical service representatives, and a world-wide network of independent agents and distributors,Silberline markets and services its products to a variety of end use markets including automotive, graphic arts and printing inks, plastics, and industrial coatings. Silberline's innovative special effect and performance-enhancing pigments add beauty and value to your products.

‍Outperform Planning has enabled our global organization to effectively manage our demand process with an intuitive user interface.

Paul MacKenzie, VP of IT