Orange Your City: REMIRA sets an example against violence against women

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Taking a stand: On Thursday, November 25, 2021, numerous buildings in Dortmund will once again be illuminated in a rich shade of orange, including the PhoenixWERK, REMIRA's main location. The background is serious: the numbers of violent acts against women continue to be at a high level. Many companies in Dortmund are joining the campaign to send a signal against psychological and physical violence against women.

Especially during the Covid pandemic, the situation for women and young girls worldwide has worsened drastically due to isolation and curfews. The luminous buildings are intended to convey the powerful message that no one should look away. And they are intended to encourage those affected to exercise their rights, fight back and seek help. Around 70 companies will be taking part in the campaign on Thursday, illuminating their buildings in bright orange after dusk. The event was called for by the Zonta Clubs, an international association of women's rights activists who are committed to improving the lives of women. Stefan Braatz, CFO of REMIRA, says:

"We are very happy to support this volunteer-organized and enormously important campaign. We want to encourage affected women not to surrender to their fate, but to report crimes and to seek help. Together with our building neighbors Scheffler Helbich Architekten, we will light up the entire PhoenixWERK as a sign!"