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A warehouse of DURAL

DURAL enhances inventory management worldwide with LOGOMATE

Optimized warehouse stocks, improved product availability and a significant reduction in time-consuming tasks for employees have all been achieved thanks to the introduction of the LOGOMATE inventory management software at DURAL. After successfully implementing the program at all its international locations, DURAL is now able to ensure centralized, transparent coordination of all orders at its company headquarters in the German Westerwald region.

Stina Berghaus at October 30 2023
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Part of the internal goods logistics at Backshop

Backshop Tiefkühl GmbH Chooses Replenishment with REMIRA LOGOMATE

Best-before dates, seasonalities and demand determination: The challenges in the food industry are high. To master them successfully, Backshop Tiefkühl GmbH has been relying on REMIRA LOGOMATE since the middle of 2022. The inventory management software enables the company to determine and forecast the demand for all articles in order to avoid out-of-stock situations as well as to reduce the replenishment effort through automated processes.

Stina Berghaus at December 19 2022
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View of sales shelves in a Fressnapf store

REMIRA optimizes auto-replenishment in Fressnapf stores

Two hours of time saving in every Fressnapf store: The REMIRA LOGOMATE inventory management software, which has already been used for many years by Fressnapf Holding SE in wholesale to ensure optimum stock levels, is now also being used in a further version in chain stores. The fully automated and forecast-based ordering system also comes with a user interface via app. In addition to saving a great deal of time, this also significantly increases the availability of goods for customers. The app is already being used in just under 1,000 stores, and all stores are to be connected by the end of 2022.

Stina Berghaus at October 20 2022
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Various Tonieboxes and Tonies

REMIRA LOGOMATE Plans Tonies and Tonieboxes

CDs and cassettes are now a relic from the old days - in German chil-dren's rooms, Tonies from Boxine GmbH have long been playing the music. The little play figures, which are simply placed on a matching audio play box for audio playback, have triggered a great deal of hype. To continue to meet the steadily increasing demand and to optimize the disposition of the articles, the company now relies on the REMIRA LOGOMATE inventory management software worldwide.

Stina Berghaus at November 16 2021
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Logistics centre

Österreichische Post manages stocks with LOGOMATE by REMIRA

1 million stock items distributed nationwide

From a decentralized solution to a centrally controlled disposition for one million stock keeping units – this change was made by Österreichische Post in just six months. It has been achieved with REMIRA’s LOGOMATE inventory management software, which distributes the stock items to the 450 branches and 1,350 post partners nationwide. The introduction of the solution has already reduced stocks by ten percent, while at the same time the availability per item has increased by up to 15 percent. During the entire project implementation, Österreichische Post was supervised on site by the REMIRA sales partner ARBOR Management Consulting GmbH.

Michael Milkowski at October 4 2018
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