gfd Trusts in Stock Management and Placement with REMIRA DILOS

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To ensure that there is no "fire" in the warehouse, the Gemeinschaft Feuerwehrfachhandel Deutschland (gfd®) has been relying on the REMIRA DILOS warehouse management system since March 2021. With the help of the software, gfd was able to map its multi-level logistics concept with picking and reserve warehouse. In addition, the picking process and resource planning were made more structured and transparent. 

gfd is an association of proven specialist trading companies in the field of fire, safety and rescue technology in Europe. The association includes 18 specialized trade companies, which are united under gfd GmbH as a central logistics, purchasing, marketing and service company. REMIRA DILOS is used in the warehouse for the wholesale of fire fighting equipment at the Ludwigsfelde site in the central warehouse.   

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Complete Remote Implementation of the Project in the Corona Period 

Introducing a new warehouse management system in the middle of the Corona pandemic was a major challenge - the entire project was carried out remotely, without those responsible on the REMIRA side having seen the premises and conditions in the warehouse live. Oliver Wiegand, Managing Director of gfd GmbH, remembers the initial phase well: "We were looking for a warehouse management system with which we could map our multi-level logistics concept. Also important to us were MDE use, multi-order picking, document photography in goods receipt, and special functions such as weight comparison of target and actual." The DILOS warehouse management system from the software provider REMIRA has already been in use for many years at numerous companies in logistics, trade and industry and was able to meet these requirements: "We asked REMIRA customer Alfred Horn about using DILOS because the company also uses the ERP system gevis and REMIRA therefore has the relevant experience," adds Wiegand.  

Two-tier Warehouse Organization at gfd

For more than 20 years, the REMIRA DILOS warehouse management system has ensured digital processes and modern division of labor in the warehouses of various companies in all industries.

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As an inventory management system, the WMS takes over the operational control of intralogistics from goods receipt to shipping, returns handling and inventory. In this way, the software reduces throughput times, creates transparency and minimizes picking errors. At gfd, DILOS is used in a warehouse with approximately 2,600 pallet spaces, around 1,500 shelving spaces and a further 1,000m² of block storage space. The warehouse organization is two-tiered and consists of a picking warehouse and a reserve warehouse from which goods are replenished to the picking warehouse as needed. This is also organized and carried out with the help of DILOS. Those responsible have noticed significant improvements with DILOS: For example, the complaint rate has dropped significantly as a result of the introduction of the software, while efficiency has increased, especially in picking.

"The picking process has changed significantly, the processes are more structured and transparent, and there is a more targeted use of resources. The speed of the process has generally increased and, on the basis of the system, it is now also possible to work with a greater division of labor and, if necessary, to train external employees more quickly. In addition, the use of barcode scanners is also very helpful in the inventory process and leads to considerable time savings," says a satisfied Wiegand.  

Photo Documentation and Setting Up Consignment Stores 

In addition to the day-to-day delivery orders, where products from the assortment are sent to the shipping department and thus to the 18 specialty retailers, direct deliveries to the retailers' end customers are also being handled to an increasing extent. As already formulated in the requirements, gfd would also like to implement receipt photography in incoming goods. Pictures of incoming products are to be taken and uploaded via a DMS system, and archiving of delivery bills is to be made possible. A photo app for smartphones is also to be developed in DILOS. "So far, the DMS interface is still missing, the connection is the next step. After that, we can use the photo documentation in the incoming goods department. Another future expansion stage is the establishment of consignment warehouses, and testing is already taking place here," says Wiegand, adding:

"We are looking forward to the further steps with the REMIRA team, which already convinced us back then before the introduction of DILOS through a detailed response to the specifications in all details as well as good communication."

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