REMIRA TIA A3 handles integrated planning for SIGG drinking bottles

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Swiss drinking bottle manufacturer SIGG will be planning with S&OP's REMIRA TIA A3 software in the future. The company is thus replacing its current sales planning with an integrated planning system that offers AI-supported sales planning, precise forecasts, and optimal scheduling.

SIGG has been one of the leading suppliers of drinking bottles since 1908. The company is known for quality, innovation, design, and environmental awareness, and SIGG products are synonymous worldwide with high-quality and sustainable drinking bottles. To optimally pursue and implement its growth targets and at the same time achieve greater transparency, the traditional Swiss company was looking for software-based support. Markus Höpfner, Director Operations and Jannik Wagner, Director Finance at SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG, found what they were looking for with REMIRA, the specialist for supply chain and omnichannel solutions.

Production_1 KopieBetter planning thanks to S & OP

Its software REMIRA TIA A3 prevailed over other solutions due to its holistic competence in the area of Sales & Operations Planning. TIA A3 supports companies in all phases of product management with precise sales planning and forecasting and serves as the basis for resilient and holistic planning. "Our primary goals are to achieve higher availability or more accurate planning, and ideally to reduce or at least optimize our inventories at the same time. At the same time, we want to be able to react more quickly to market changes in the future and establish more automatisms in planning," explains Markus Höpfner. A close link with corporate financial planning is also planned. By networking sales planning with supply chain, purchasing and production planning, SIGG will be able to make business decisions much faster in the future based on a valid database.

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