TIA A3 Forecast opens its new branch in Italy

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In order to reach a wider audience, TIA has opened the new office in the middle of Italy in Florence. This will allow TIA to share its experience in sales and operations planning and forecasting by offering consultancy services and its S&OP solution to the Italian market.

Matteo Sgatti is the Country Manager Italy at TIA. We have asked him some questions:

How did you become interested in Demand Planning & Forecasting?

In the last 10 years I was involved in several projects in the Fashion industry (production, supply chain, quality management, logistic) covering different roles (IT technician, PM, Sales). When I had the opportunity to deepen the process that was at the origin of the collection, the definition of the budget, the merchandising plan, the planning and the forecast, I was fascinated by it! Machine learning, artificial intelligence, planning and forecasting, collaboration, are themes that make our work innovative and stimulating.

How did you come to join TIA, and can you tell us about some initiatives you lead here?

I was approached TIA when I was at Kyklos, a software house based in Italy whose products are specific for manage the supply chain in fashion companies. As I told you I have been interested in S&OP for a while so the opportunity to work on this filed, the company’s vision and the opportunity to lead the launch in European markets was really one not to be missed.

At TIA we are focused on consulting and offer special software for managing Sales and Operations Planning in every industrial sector. I’m particularly proud of our software solution called AVACOS that in the last month has been upgraded to work without an involvement of the customer’s IT to help companies remotely share and receive their feedback on the new collection before producing samples.

We collaborate with university of Florence, and various consultants to help and accelerate the discovery of the S&OP process in the companies. For the same reason we decided to participate on December at the IT4Fashion 2020, the event that has favoured the meeting between fashion and luxury brands and ICT solution suppliers to support the digital transformation of the entire supply chain.

What do you think are the unique features that make TIA A3 different from others?

  • Expertise: We have more than 40 years of experience in the Sales and Operations Planning, our experts have followed hundreds of projects and thanks to their experience we have defined best practices to help companies achieve their goals quickly.
  • Standard: When you go into the S&OP topic you must have solutions that do not give surprises! Being precise and reliable is the key to success! TIA A3 is a highly configurable standard solution (also independently by the end user) that offers a high degree of standardization and reliability. In addition, the whole suite has been designed to decrease users' workload by concentrating all activities only where intervention is required.
  • Complete: Thanks to the rich experience obtained over the years, we’re able to offer our customers a suite which, through all its modules, is able to cover all the needs that may arise to govern the S&OP process in an optimal way.

For more information, please contact Matteo Sgatti by email: matteo.sgatti@tia-a3.com