Primus Präzisionstechnik Reduces Inventory Time by 93% with STATCONTROL

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Only one day instead of two weeks: The system supplier Primus Präzisionstechnik has replaced the time-consuming and cost-intensive full inventory on the balance sheet date with an inventory sampling service using REMIRA STATCONTROL. As a result, the inventory duration was reduced by 93% to one working day, and the man-hours required fell by 82%.

For many years, the STATCONTROL inventory sampling software from the software provider REMIRA has ensured low inventory costs for companies in all industries. The certified solution uses legally permissible and tested statistical procedures to replace costly full inventories with safer and more cost-effective sampling procedures. Just a few months ago, REMIRA also released its new product innovation STATCONTROL Cloud, which enables inventory sampling quickly and easily as a software-as-a-service. 

Lars Hollensteiner, Head of Production at Primus Präzisionstechnik, still remembers the exhausting time with the full inventory of around 4,000 items: "The inventory took an average of 12 - 15 working days with three employees - and that was during ongoing operations. This corresponded to a time expenditure of 270 - 338 hours per year. Our tax consultant showed us the possibility of using inventory sampling to reduce the counting effort. During our research, we then came across REMIRA, whose certified solution STATCONTROL offers inventory sampling and inventory support as a service." 

Simple and Fast Inventory in One Day 

With REMIRA's inventory sampling service, Primus Präzisionstechnik now completes inventory in just one day at the end of the fiscal year, benefiting from REMIRA's extensive expertise in inventory sampling. For the execution, the storage locations are blocked and an inventory file is generated, which is transmitted to REMIRA and fed into the software there. The generated count list is returned by REMIRA to the company, whose employees count and enter the specified items. The completed list is again checked by REMIRA, and the result of the inventory is usually available within an hour. If the specified values are not exceeded, the inventory is posted to the ERP system.

"Thanks to STATCONTROL, we were able to record an enormous time saving and reduce man hours by 82%. Due to the reduced counting effort, errors in counting and recording have also been minimized overall, and disruptions in the operating process have been reduced to the greatest possible extent," Lars Hollensteiner is pleased to report.

Excellent Cooperation as the Basis for Success

REMIRA Referenzbericht Primus Präzisionstechnik ProduktionPrimus Präzisionstechnik has been a developer and system supplier of efficient, customized drive solutions for various industries for over 25 years. The medium-sized company attaches great importance to transparent processes and short communication channels in order to be able to react flexibly to all requirements and challenges. Therefore, in the last year, Primus Präzisionstechnik was also looking for a software provider who could optimize the processes - in this case in inventory - with a corresponding solution, so that the time gained could in turn be used for value-adding activities. Lars Hollensteiner was more than satisfied with REMIRA and decided to extend the contract for this reason as well:

"REMIRA is a competent partner with contact persons who understand their trade. The support is perfect and is provided promptly. We are looking forward to continuing to benefit from the advantages of the random sample inventory in the future." 

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