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REMIRA expects positive development in the market for supply chain solutions

The supply chain solutions expert REMIRA draws a positive balance for 2020 - and also names several reasons for this: The year has impressively shown that stable supply chains and transparency in the supply chain are elementary success factors for companies. The pressure on supply chains has increased further and digitization is being driven forward in many places. Especially in times of crisis, many users gain competitive advantages as a result. REMIRA was thus able to further expand its success in 2020. New customers and the development of new markets led to significant growth.

Stina Berghaus at January 29 2021
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REMIRA supply chain solutions rebranding

REMIRA announces realignment of its product and brand strategy

Following the successful integration of its acquisitions, REMIRA is continuing to push ahead with the realignment of its product and brand strategy. In future, the company will unite its brands under one roof. The preparatory work for this has already been carried out: REMIRA has networked the software solutions equipped with artificial intelligence into a complete package that covers the entire value-added chain. The aim is to promote technological progress with the supply chain solutions and thus to increase the economic success of the customers in the long term. 

Stina Berghaus at November 16 2020
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REMIRA moves into new office complex in Dortmund

Back to the roots: REMIRA GmbH has returned to its founding location in Dortmund. The specialist for intelligent IT solutions to optimise the supply chain has moved into a new office complex at Phoenix West. With the move to the ultra-modern premises REMIRA has created the prerequisites for continuing to provide its customers with comprehensive support and to meet the further positive development of the order situation.

Stina Berghaus at October 23 2020
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Change in the top leadership of REMIRA

Handing over the baton at REMIRA Group: The group of companies specializing in AI supply chain solutions has appointed Stephan Unser as its new CEO. The previous managing partner, Thomas Sindermann, is leaving the company after eleven years. He will continue to support REMIRA with his experience and expertise.

Stina Berghaus at October 22 2020
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REMIRA integrates complete solution for Sales & Operations Planning

Readiness for delivery, fast deliveries and adherence to delivery dates - the demands on commercial and industrial companies are increasing every day. To meet these demands, REMIRA has now added the planning functionalities of TIA A3 to its purchasing division. The combination of the inventory management software LogoMate and the tool for sales & operations planning enables customers to have a holistic, forward-looking and economically successful goods management. 

Stina Berghaus at October 15 2020
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REMIRA presents new platform supplier portal

A transparent procurement process throughout the entire supply chain is the goal of every buyer. But how do companies manage to integrate their suppliers into their workflows and digitalize processes in purchasing and logistics? With the supplier portal REMIRA has developed a web-based tool that makes this digitalization possible. The entire ordering and delivery process, including labelling, can thus be mapped on just one platform.

Stina Berghaus at October 14 2020
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REMIRA takes over Genova PreSet and extends its product portfolio

REMIRA continues its expansion with the purchase of Genova Consultancy and the associated, purely cloud-based solution PreSet. The iPad® app PreSet enables those involved in the development of new collections to regularly evaluate the individual designs online. Thanks to PreSet, which has already positioned itself for the entire fashion and furniture retail sector, REMIRA is strengthening its position and opening up new, international markets.

Stina Berghaus at October 13 2020
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Motion blurred people walking on shopping street

Retail challenges for brand companies

Demand Forecasting in Retail: “The magnificent seven” best practices. The retail industry can’t survive without demand forecasting as they risk making poor decisions about their products and inventory, which might result in lost opportunities. Demand & Forecasting in retail is not easy... Here are seven best practices that could help you in this job!

Stina Berghaus at July 22 2020
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Inventory in times of crisis

Inventory management: How to succeed with inventory during Corona times

There is hardly a value-creating company in Germany that is not affected by the Corona crisis. The COVID-19 virus poses major challenges across all industries. Almost no entrepreneur thinks about the upcoming inventory during this time. There are ways and means to significantly reduce the time and personnel expenditure, to obtain additional capacities for the time after the crisis and at the same time to take into account all hygienic requirements for the prevention of infections.

Anja Globke at July 15 2020
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Omnichannel challenges for brand companies

Omnichannel offers to consumers a "continuous" shopping experience during which they can move freely through physical, online, telephone, and paper environments to meet all their shopping needs. A key factor for omnichannel success is unlimited access to the inventory of all channels: from the store to the website, to the App etc.

Stina Berghaus at June 19 2020
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Demand Planning at size level

In some industries such as fashion where many products are available in a variety of size-color-style combinations, planning at size level is very important. But since each region will have its own unique demand profile, size planning can be a very difficult topic to manage. TIA allows you to maximize your margins when an item is in season and minimize the drop at the end of the season by allowing you to plan the right size at the right time on the right market!

Stina Berghaus at June 15 2020
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Man is doing a presentation in front of his colleagues

Collaboration is the key for a good sales and operations plan

First of all, let’s answer at this question: what’s sales and operations planning and what are the advantages of S&OP process? S&OP (or IBP, Integrated Business Planning) can give a number of benefits such as greater visibility of the demand and supply across the enterprise, improved inventory management, increased promotional planning, increased accuracy in budget forecasting, and an improved product lifecycle management process.

Stina Berghaus at May 29 2020
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