REMIRA expects positive development in the market for supply chain solutions

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The supply chain solutions expert REMIRA draws a positive balance for 2020 - and also names several reasons for this: The year has impressively shown that stable supply chains and transparency in the supply chain are elementary success factors for companies. The pressure on supply chains has increased further and digitization is being driven forward in many places. Especially in times of crisis, many users gain competitive advantages as a result. REMIRA was thus able to further expand its success in 2020. New customers and the development of new markets led to significant growth.

Many companies that benefited from the Corona pandemic through rising order numbers are trying to optimize their supply chain processes. And even companies that were directly hit by the crisis are now investing in their future. The common goal is to make supply chains more stable and increase efficiency while minimizing costs. "The challenges are still the same as before the Corona pandemic. However, the urgency to address them now has increased significantly in a very short period of time," explains Stephan Unser, CEO at REMIRA. "As a result, companies across a wide range of industries are now consistently investing in technological advancements within their supply chains." Wholesalers and retailers as well as logistics and manufacturing companies are working flat out to modernize the technical infrastructure of their supply chains.

REMIRA set an important course at an early stage. Despite the corona pandemic, the company consistently pushed ahead with its realignment. Among other things, this included the consolidation of all sales and marketing activities. All products were united under one roof and the software systems equipped with artificial intelligence were networked to form a brand that covers the entire value chain. Cloud and AI solutions for sales & operations planning, automated scheduling, and procurement optimization and production planning can be found in five closely interlinked business units. In addition, under the REMIRA roof there are software solutions for warehouse logistics, tools for linking the entire value chain and intelligent systems for controlling and inventory. Another important step was the release of the new REMIRA Connector, a plug-and-play solution with which the company has standardized the connection of its product suite to the SAP system world.

2021 holds many opportunities in the market

In the middle of the year, the move to a newly built, state-of-the-art office building at the company's founding location in Dortmund was completed. A large part of the workforce, which has grown strongly in the past year, is housed there. At the Regensburg location, the go-ahead was given for the expansion of office capacities by a further floor - an important basis for further personnel growth. In addition, REMIRA continued its expansion with the purchase of Genova PreSet and the associated cloud solution. The valuation tool serves as an add-on for REMIRA's disposition and sales solutions and facilitates collection and assortment planning for companies, among other things. "We sense a strong need among our customers to obtain software solutions for all areas of the supply chain in a networked manner and from a single source," explains Stephan Unser. "This makes us feel confirmed that we are on the right track with our strategy as a provider of supply chain solutions."