REMIRA presents new platform supplier portal

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A transparent procurement process throughout the entire supply chain is the goal of every buyer. But how do companies manage to integrate their suppliers into their workflows and digitalize processes in purchasing and logistics? With the supplier portal REMIRA has developed a web-based tool that makes this digitalization possible. The entire ordering and delivery process, including labelling, can thus be mapped on just one platform.

The Supplier Portal is a cloud-based software solution that supports companies in digitizing their procurement processes and ensuring smooth supply chains. REMIRA has integrated numerous features into the tool that make the daily work of buyers easier. Orders are transmitted electronically via the portal. Suppliers generate an order confirmation on this basis, eliminating the need for the purchaser to manually compare the order and the order confirmation. The supplier portal checks the data provided by the supplier and, if necessary, triggers a clearing process by the purchaser if the order quantity, price or delivery date deviates too much from the desired target. Suppliers can use the order confirmations from the program to create deliveries and generate a shipping notification at package level in the packaging process. In the course of this, packing lists and shipping labels are also generated. Thus, suppliers ensure correct labeling and thus significantly accelerate the processes at goods receipt.

All information on one platform

Transmission errors due to media breaks are eliminated with the supplier portal. Above all, companies with a high proportion of imports, with a high order volume or with many order items benefit from the digitization of the process. All suppliers and logistics service providers can be integrated into the system. In addition to the exchange of all relevant documents for ordering and delivery, the supplier portal enables the evaluation of suppliers and the tracking of container shipments. Invoice information can be passed directly from the portal to all common invoice processing programs.

REMIRA now provides all information about the supplier portal on a new online platform. At interested parties can get an overview of the system and access to a test environment.

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