REMIRA and Kyklos mock-up

Fashion specialist Kyklos becomes part of REMIRA

REMIRA continues to grow internationally and acquires the Kyklos Group from Italy: With the acquisition and integration of the company specializing in SCM software for the fashion and luxury goods industry, REMIRA is further expanding its product range and market. The provider of supply chain solutions for manufactures, retail and logistics is thus increasing its presence in the strategically important growth market of Italy.

Stina Berghaus at August 5 2021
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Spectacular urban skyline with colourful city illuminations. Aerial view on highways and skyscrapers of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

REMIRA survey: How companies share their delivery information

The communication of all relevant information between companies and their suppliers is of central importance for successful supply chain management. But what does the exchange of supply information look like today? REMIRA asked this question about 150 purchasers from small and medium-sized companies as well as from large industrial and trading groups during the Conference Days of the HUSS publishing house.

Stina Berghaus at July 1 2021
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PETER HAHN building in Winterbach

PETER HAHN relies on Sales & Operations Planning with REMIRA TIA A3

To be able to plan and forecast new collections more precisely in the future, PETER HAHN has decided to use REMIRA’s S&OP-Tool TIA A3. This tool ensures the basis for an integrated “Sales and Operations Planning”-strategy and generates new benefits for the company that has been famous for high-quality fashion for over 50 years. From action and sales planning to forecasts and scheduling, TIA A3 guarantees an integrated and optimized procurement process at the multichannel company.

Stina Berghaus at June 16 2021
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EDI Mock Up Keyboard with finger

Alternatives to an EDI-Connection

An EDI connection brings numerous advantages in the daily exchange with partners and suppliers. However, for many small and medium-sized companies, setting up an EDI infrastructure involves too much effort. In our blog post, you will learn about the advantages and basics of the classic EDI connection as well as modern alternatives. This allows you to integrate both suppliers with and without EDI infrastructure. Learn how these solutions work and which additional advantages they enable you to achieve compared to the full EDI connection.

Stina Berghaus at June 11 2021
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REMIRA building with mock up of REMIRA and outperform logo

REMIRA acquires Dutch SCM provider Outperform

REMIRA sticks to its strategic expansion course: One week after the purchase of Nicando Software GmbH, the company also acquires the Dutch supply chain specialist Outperform. With the acquisition and integration of the cloud-based solution for sales & operations planning, REMIRA is strengthening its position on the international market. At the same time, the provider of supply chain solutions for production, trade and logistics is thus expanding its presence in North America.

Stina Berghaus at May 12 2021
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Pearson VUE selects Demand Planning

OUTPERFORM Planning has been selected by Pearson VUE to provide a demand planning solution for exam registrations at their test centers. Some of the major deciding factors have been the simple and straightforward user interface that delivers on the claim "Excel or better". In addition, the demonstrations during the evaluation period confirmed the scalability of the application to handle large data volumes from day one.

Lucas Larsen at May 4 2021
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Northwave buildin from the outside

Northwave introduces Sales & Operations Planning with REMIRA TIA A3

The Italian sportswear brand Northwave has opted for the intelligent sales & operations planning tool REMIRA TIA A3. In the future, the de-mand and supply planning in the development and distribution of high-quality bike and snowboard shoes and clothing will be optimized with the help of the AI software solution in order to further increase the ser-vice level for customers.

Stina Berghaus at April 27 2021
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Pearson signs for additional licenses of Outperform Demand Planning

Pearson VUE has signed on for an additional license of Outperform Demand Planning for use in their next major business unit. This also includes additional users for the existing license bringing the total to 20 users. Outperform will deliver this new application instance and the associated data integration to the Pearson systems by mid-2011.

Stina Berghaus at March 25 2021
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New REMIRA-Connector standardizes the connection with SAP

REMIRA has standardised the connection of its supply chain solutions to the SAP system world with a new connector. With the plug-and-play solution, users benefit from simple and fast integration. External service providers are no longer required for installation. Thus, even highly integrative tasks can now be realised even more economically with the new SAP Connector. REMIRA's software solutions contribute to driving technological progress within the value-added chain in trading and industrial companies of all sectors.

Stina Berghaus at February 25 2021
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Silberline licenses Outperform Planning

Silberline will replace their existing spreadsheets driven sales and budget planning process with Outperform Planning. The current spreadsheet based process is time consuming and error prone due to the collaboration required amongst the different personnel based around the world. Which also lead to fewer update cycles than what the business desired. With Outperform Planning, we will have a solution to look forward, measure and adjust in a much shorter timeframe; which results in the rest of the organization reacting swiftly to the needs of the marketplace. The implementation timeline is set to be fairly aggressive so as to have it in time for the 2015 budgeting process to take advantage of the intuitive and collaborative environment of Outperform Planning solution. We are very excited to work with Silberline and welcome them as a customer. The focus will be on the Sales in S&OP.

Stina Berghaus at February 9 2021
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