Logistics centre

Österreichische Post manages stocks with LOGOMATE by REMIRA

1 million stock items distributed nationwide

From a decentralized solution to a centrally controlled disposition for one million stock keeping units – this change was made by Österreichische Post in just six months. It has been achieved with REMIRA’s LOGOMATE inventory management software, which distributes the stock items to the 450 branches and 1,350 post partners nationwide. The introduction of the solution has already reduced stocks by ten percent, while at the same time the availability per item has increased by up to 15 percent. During the entire project implementation, Österreichische Post was supervised on site by the REMIRA sales partner ARBOR Management Consulting GmbH.

Michael Milkowski at October 4 2018
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Exhibition premiere: New LOGOMATE user interface from REMIRA

How does a modern user interface (UI) for digital inventory management has to be designed so that it has a high usability and efficiently supports work processes? The answer to this question will be given at LogiMAT 2019, in Hall 8, Booth C27, and at EuroCIS 2019 in Hall 9 Stand E21. Here, a part of the revised, web-based user interface is presented exclusively. Among other things, the new core functions ensure a more structured work, so that objectives are achieved even faster. The UI can be adapted to different users and task areas.

Anja Globke at September 20 2018
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Digitalisation in the Company

New REMIRA survey: What about digitalization in Germany?

How digital are German companies? And have electronic processes already become established in inventory management? We wanted to know this and asked executives from different industries. The result: Digitalization has a high or even essential significance for almost all respondents. However, many are lagging behind in the introduction of digital processes.

Anja Globke at July 6 2018
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Inside view of ATP warehouse

E-commerce retailer ATP relies on LOGOMATE for inventory management

According to the motto “Order today – install tomorrow”, ATP Auto-Parts-Pöllath offers its customers almost one million items in online shipping. The ever-increasing number of orders recently required a restructuring of inventory management and scheduling. To automate processes, the largest German retailer on eBay introduced REMIRA’s LOGOMATE inventory management software. The first positive results are already measurable: better delivery capability and associated reduction of out-of-stock situations.

Anja Globke at June 19 2018
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Sanitary wholesaler Bach makes forecasts for 20,000 items with LOGOMATE

Simplifying the scheduling processes and centralising data access for all eight locations – these were the goals of M.Bach GmbH at the introduction of the LOGOMATE inventory management software. With the integration of the REMIRA solution, the wholesaler for plumbing, heating and installation needs is abandoning the disposition from the merchandise management system. This could no longer represent the necessary flexibility, in some decisions the dispatchers had to rely on their gut feeling. The new solution now centralizes all knowledge about purchasing and inventory. In this way, sales of the approximately 20,000 items in stock can be precisely predicted and a high delivery capability can be ensured.

Anja Globke at June 5 2018
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Several jeans hanging on coat hangers

Sample stocktaking for RFIDmanaged fashion inventories

In order to ensure that stocks don’t run out in the warehouse and, above all, in stores, ongoing inventory controls are essential in the interests of transparent and resource-friendly warehouse management. Regular inventory controls are an important element and need to be carried out at least once a year.

Clothes make the man, so the saying goes, which is why fashion boutiques are always well-stocked with suitable and modern fashion items for their customers. But behind the scenes, this requires a fully functional chain of logistical processes. This is because fabrics have to be procured and processed, clothes have to be transported from the production site to the fashion warehouse and stores have to have a steady and sufficient stream of stock. By using sample inventories and intelligent technologies – such as radio frequency identification [RFID] – inventories can be carried out with up to 95% less counting work nowadays. Therefore, sample inventories radically reduce both the financial and the human resources required, they are less prone to errors than the traditional full inventory, and – thanks to their potential uses – are a decisive competitive factor for RFID-managed stocks as well.

Especially for the fashion industry, which is considered to be a global pioneer in the use of RFID technologies along the entire value creation chain, sample inventories form an efficient foundation for well-sorted clothes warehouses. Both industry and logistics have long recognised the potential of RFID technologies, which can be used for contactless identification goods over a wireless signal and without any need for visual contact through the use of an RFID reader. And even in trade, RFID is becoming more widespread for merchandise coding purposes. In the clothing trade, RFID has been helping to take customers’ heightened service and product availability demands into account. The wide variety of products in fashion companies – due to the availability of individual items in different sizes and colours, for example – goes hand in hand with a huge amount of picking work.

RFID records products automatically and drastically cuts costs, which gives in-store employees more freedom to meet customer requirements. Therefore, the fashion industry is considered a pioneering sector with respect to the use of RFID technologies. Goods identification over radio waves helps to avoid shipping errors, incoming goods pallets can be checked more quickly and readout devices used in-store prevent undetected shoplifting among other things. But that’s not all. The technology also makes things easier for the inventory, which takes place at least once per year, and regular inventory controls, provided that these processes are performed in a time-saving manner by means of random samples.

Stina Berghaus at June 1 2018
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Transgourmet truck

Successful with LOGOMATE: Transgourmet reduces inventories by 15 percent

Searching for digital support: Prior to working with REMIRA, Transgourmet, a food wholesaler, had no software for inventory management. The employees in the planning departement estimate at which time and how many of the 25,000 different items had to be ordered. The consequences: shortages, a significant rate of breakage and spoilage in the stored food. “We would like to have a software that permanently optimizes our stocks and generates order proposals,” explains Christine Keszner, Head of Procurement Logistics at Transgourmet.

Anja Globke at April 24 2018
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Rüdinger Krautheim office aerial view

Benchmark at warehouse logistics: Spedition Rüdinger counts on DILOS

Rüdinger Spedition GmbH employs more than 450 workers and owns 180 road trains in order to supply any customer in Hohenlohe and the Main-Tauber region in Germany as well as far beyond: At the segment of XXL transportation the company is one of Europe’s leading specialists. But Rüdinger also sets new standards in terms of warehouse and contract logistics: 30 warehouses at 5 locations with an overall storage area of 100.000 square meters and most modern technological equipment allow a wide range of services like storage and clearance as well as shipping and spare parts stores.

Stina Berghaus at November 13 2017
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HORN: Existing ERP-System is extended by a new warehouse management system

ALFRED HORN GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist supplier offering solutions all around production and assembly of windows, facades, doors, gates and interior construction. Part of that are special component deliveries like mounting material, equipment of production with tools or e.g. vehicle equipment for mounting vehicles. With the help of personal customer services, a webshop, e-Procurement-Systems, an in-house truck delivery service and a same day and night express HORN supplies craft businesses with a range of more than 40.000 stock items and also meet individual requirements.

Stina Berghaus at October 26 2017
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