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Central warehouse virtual

Building material dealer centralized inventory planning

REMIRA develops virtual central warehouse for bauXpert

24 legally independent companies, a total of 32 warehouse locations and around 50,000 stock keeping units: bauXpert, an association of building material dealers with an external turnover of 326 million euros, intends to manage its inventory in the future via a central procurement platform. The company therefore introduces LOGOMATE from REMIRA. The software bundles the movement, inventory and forecast data of eleven of the 24 connecting houses in a virtual warehouse. On this basis, joint ordering processes are initiated centrally. In the long term, the building material dealer benefits from a streamlined procurement process and a higher turnover in the shop assistants.

Anja Globke at August 16 2017
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Semmelhaack increases performance of their warehouse logistics

With an overall storage area of 46.000 m², 13.000 m² of that customs warehouse, 5.000 m² high-bay warehouse and a complete service kit Semmelhaack Logistik GmbH with their headquarters in Elmshorn is an aspiring logistic specialist in nothern Germany. From QA in goods receipt to shipment and distribution, from assembly over commissioning and from cross docking to pick and pack, Semmelhaack delivers a wide spectrum of logistic services for their clients.

Stina Berghaus at May 30 2017
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LOGOMATE stationery

LOGOMATE at PBS: 100,000 office supplies centrally ordered

A centrally controllable inventory planning for around 100,000 items and an availability of at least 98 percent: PBS Holding AG achieves these results through the use of our inventory management software. The leading distributor of paper, office and stationery in Central Europe manages seasonal fashion able-made items in addition to the classic standard range. To plan this seasonal product, we have set up our own cockpit in LOGOMATE. With its help, an individually adjustable, period-by-time display for each item is possible. We have also developed a targeted solution for the distribution of imported goods from the Far East for PBS: In order to plan these items centrally across locations or countries, orders can now be consolidated and ordered from one location. Delivery is carried out separately to the individual locations. Thanks to LOGOMATE, PBS has significantly improved the quality of the order proposals in addition to availability: Currently, around 70 percent of the proposals are accepted without manual post-processing – which means significant time and work savings.

Anja Globke at April 28 2017
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Trucks of Dreier AG driving along a coast road

Dreier AG offers its customers value added services using net.Label

Nationally and internationally active Dreier AG is a family-owned company providing transport and logistics services. At several locations all over europe and north africa, more than 230 trucks are on the road. With the assistance of net.Label, the logistics specialist supplies his customers with proper labeling for goods that need to be delivered with SSCC-labeling (e.g. food industry) as a value added service.

Stina Berghaus at April 12 2017
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Zollner main plant Zandt aerial view

How Zollner benefits from net.Label

Zollner sets a milestone with the “supplier portal”

Since 1965 Zollner has been a reliable partner for its customers and has established itself as a specialist for electrical engineering and one of the leading EMS service providers worldwide.

Stina Berghaus at March 5 2017
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Inside view of viega warehouse

A perfect connection: REMIRA connects supply chain between Viega and Köbig

Sales figures, current stocks, reservations and open orders – if this data of the customer is available to the supplier on a daily basis, this means numerous advantages for both sides. For this reason, we have now linked the warehouse planning of our existing customers Viega and Köbig. Both already use our LOGOMATE-software to optimize their inventory management and scheduling. The internationally active supplier Viega now prepares precise sales forecasts on the basis of the comprehensive data exchange and aligns its production according to this. The result for the traditional Mainz company Köbig? Improved delivery capability with reduced stocks. Overall, both LOGOMATE-users benefit from lower return rates, faster trade in goods and more economical scheduling.

Michael Milkowski at October 25 2016
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Emons Truck

Gapless logistic solutions: Emons counts on DILOS

Since the company was formed in the year 1928 the name Emons stands for consistency, reliability, flexibility and one of the few private middle class logistic networks in Germany. At 76 locations worldwide Emons provides a gapless service round warehouse and transport logistics. In Germany, Emons has tight warehouse network with over 100.000m² roofed warehouse area spread over 31 locations. In combination with their own transport network the Emons-Store-Network delivers solutions for the high availability logistic or as a regional and decentralized warehouse system.

Stina Berghaus at July 15 2016
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