How Hemmers Itex Optimizes Its Warehouse Management with REMIRA DILOS

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Efficiency, structure and standardization of processes in the warehouse: The direction of travel for the fabric expert Hemmers Itex was clear. In 2020, the wholesale company from Nordhorn decided to introduce a warehouse management system to minimize warehouse throughput times and thereby improve delivery times. The choice fell on DILOS, the proven warehouse management system of the software provider REMIRA. By using the WMS, Hemmer Itex was able to improve delivery time and delivery quality by 40%, among other things, and halve the error rate in order picking.   

Hemmers_Itex_DoubliermaschineSince its foundation in 1947, Hemmer Itex has developed into a Europe-wide supplier for wholesalers and retailers as well as for renowned clothing manufacturers. Today, the company is managed by the third generation and has an international network of suppliers, designers and an in-house design department. It offers its customers a complete service for fabric purchasing and production. In 2020, the company faced a major system changeover from MS Navision 2009 to MS Navision BC365. Michael Hartlage, Chief Supply Chain Officer, recalls: "At that time, warehouse management was still mapped in MS Navision. The use of NAV add-on modules during the changeover did not meet our requirements for a future warehouse management system, which is why we decided to introduce a special solution. In comparison with other suppliers of warehouse management systems, REMIRA DILOS convinced us with the greatest cost-benefit factor." 

High Efficiency Thanks to Digital Warehouse Management  

The conceptual design of the project in cooperation with those responsible at REMIRA took place on site - the subsequent testing and training phase took place completely remotely and under tightened conditions due to the Corona pandemic, also due to the simultaneous conversion of the inventory management system. The commissioning in June 2021 could again take place on site, which was definitely an advantage due to the warehouse size and the project scope. The DILOS warehouse management system was to drive digitization in Hemmers' warehouse as well as structure and standardize all processes, thereby increasing efficiency.

"It was important to us to be able to track the movement of goods at any time and to have inventory management at piece number level for rolls of fabric and coupons. Warehouse and route optimization was also an important aspect in order to reduce warehouse throughput times and thus improve delivery times. In addition, on the one hand, the doubling processes were to be integrated into the warehouse management system and, on the other hand, a consolidation and dispatch of several orders for the same customer over certain time intervals was to be implemented. In this way, we wanted to increase customer satisfaction and reduce freight costs," explains Michael Hartlage.  

Delivery Time Improved by 40% 

Doubliermaschinen_Hemmers_ItexAll the requirements for a WMS that had been requested in advance were successfully implemented. Since go-live over a year ago, Hemmers Itex has also achieved a 40% improvement in delivery time and delivery quality. Inventory accuracy has been significantly improved and the error rate halved. The special feature in the project: the DILOS warehouse management system also takes care of production supply to the 14 slitting machines by managing the rolls of fabric on a roll basis and optimally stocking the productions. Particularly in view of the fact that Hemmers Itex not only distributes rolls of fabric, but also carries out coupon and doubling both on site and at service providers, and that customers sometimes re-order several times a day, software was needed that could map these processes accordingly. "The use of DILOS has changed the processes and the work in the warehouse: at night, the order data is automatically transferred from Navision via interface to the DILOS control station for the lead time for picking defined by us. Urgent orders are triggered immediately during the day. Based on the order data, warehouse availabilities are also calculated and checked in NAV at night, and necessary assembly orders are then transferred to DILOS for production. In the morning, the start and distribution of the picks or the execution of the transport orders to the machines take place. During the day, packing and shipping take place, as well as storage of incoming goods or produced coupons." 

Another DILOS module used at Hemmers Itex is TimeData. This can be used to make the performance of employees transparent, for example in order picking or in stock transfer or replenishment. "In picking, we can view the picks of the employees in a variable time period. In stock transfer and replenishment, TimeData allows us to see which employee transferred the goods when and where. The aim is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employees in the respective areas and to establish store floor management," explains Michael Hartlage. 

Excellent Cooperation and Results  

By using DILOS, Hemmers Itex can now use and evaluate valid key figures. This makes the internal warehouse processes and the associated logistics areas transparent and helps those responsible to optimize the monitoring and coordination of the processes and to show developments. It is also pleasing to see that significantly fewer inventory differences occur and that the key date inventory can also be carried out much more quickly: The inventory effort within the framework of the cut-off date inventory fell by 40%. 

Even though the test and training phase had to be carried out remotely, the project started without any difficulties and Michael Hartlage is also more than satisfied with the ongoing project support:

"I can only ever praise the cooperation with the REMIRA colleagues in the highest terms. We quickly found common ground, individual adaptation suggestions came from REMIRA, which we implemented and which contributed to the success with DILOS." 


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