HORN: Existing ERP-System is extended by a new warehouse management system

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ALFRED HORN GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist supplier offering solutions all around production and assembly of windows, facades, doors, gates and interior construction. Part of that are special component deliveries like mounting material, equipment of production with tools or e.g. vehicle equipment for mounting vehicles. With the help of personal customer services, a webshop, e-Procurement-Systems, an in-house truck delivery service and a same day and night express HORN supplies craft businesses with a range of more than 40.000 stock items and also meet individual requirements.

Customized production are assembled order-specifically (fitting combinations, automatic door, access control systems, smart-home solutions, shutter elements, window sills, colours, vehicle devices and many more). The enormous specialist retailer provides immediate services and trained consultants support customers´ decisions. Outside of opening hours organized collection boxes assure an arranged order delivery to customers around the clock. Assembly services for special product systems can also be fulfilled by HORN on-site.

Behind this first-class customer service hides a sophisticated logistics which is being digitalized by HORN due to an investment in a new warehouse management system in order to guarantee 100% delivery reliability and flexibility after a short transition phase as of the 15.01.2018. Following a 6-month tender phase HORN awarded the contract to REMIRA (former LOG:IT GmbH) to implement the warehouse management software DILOS along with related hardware.