REMIRA integrates complete solution for Sales & Operations Planning

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Readiness for delivery, fast deliveries and adherence to delivery dates - the demands on commercial and industrial companies are increasing every day. To meet these demands, REMIRA has now added the planning functionalities of TIA A3 to its purchasing division. The combination of the inventory management software LogoMate and the tool for sales & operations planning enables customers to have a holistic, forward-looking and economically successful goods management. 

Supporting users throughout the entire supply chain with intelligent software solutions and thus increasing their economic success - against the background of this goal REMIRA continues the consistent networking of its supply chain solutions. With the connection of the planning functionalities of TIA A3, the purchasing division with its comprehensive LogoMate solution has been supplemented by the last missing element for a complete Sales & Operations Planning package. More than 40 years of market experience have gone into TIA A3. The software is already successfully in use at numerous well-known customers such as Engelbert Strauss, Tommy Hilfiger and ERIMA.

Minimizing capital commitment

Especially for users in the fashion and consumer sector with short-lived articles and high throughput, it is becoming increasingly important to balance supply and demand. The key to this is Sales & Operations Planning, an integrated sales, product and supply chain planning. REMIRA's standard software prepares all available market information to ensure optimal stock levels with the help of market-oriented sales planning, sales forecasting and disposition. It supports users in reducing the overall planning effort and increasing the planning quality. Storage and capital commitment costs are significantly reduced, while at the same time delivery readiness and customer satisfaction increase.

From strategy to implementation

Sales & Operations Planning stands for a holistic and cross-departmental planning process in corporate management. The aim is to create a company-wide sales and procurement plan that is in line with the company's objectives. REMIRA offers an overall solution for this purpose, which not only combines sales planning, forecasting and dispatching, but also enables the integration of planning and work processes from strategy to implementation.