LOG:IT and TIA A3 Forecast become part of the Remira Group

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Following the successful acquisition of inventory specialist StatControl, the newly founded Remira Group continues to grow. The latest members of the group are log:IT and TIA A3 Forecast from Regensburg. With the acquisition, the Remira Group is expanding its range of products in the areas of warehouse management, supplier management and material planning, while at the same time strengthening its position as a solution provider for inventory optimization, precise sales planning and scheduling. In the future, customers will receive intelligent software tools for efficient inventory and inventory management from a single source.

The newly founded Remira Group includes Remira GmbH with Stat Control, LOG:IT GmbH and TIA A3 Forecast GmbH. The CEO of the Group is Thomas Sindermann, Reiner Angermeier continues to lead LOG:IT and TIA A3 as Managing Director. Together with Managing Director Oliver Jenneskens, Thomas Sindermann also manages the fortunes of Remira GmbH. “The founding of the Remira Group is the logical step for further growth. Our task in the coming weeks is to integrate the companies with their different profiles into the Group and to develop a forward-looking growth strategy,” says Thomas Sindermann. As a result of the merger, the Remira Group will grow to more than 100 highly qualified employees. These additional capacities ensure that the first-class level of service and consulting will continue to be maintained in the future. In addition, the expansion creates important synergies for internal development, which helps to expand the technological advantage of the products. This in turn increases the competitiveness of all companies belonging to the Remira Group and provides a more flexible scope for manoeuvre in the market. “The acquisition integrates us into a technologically and economic extremely strong network. In this way, we create the conditions for growing in partnership and developing ourselves further,” says Reiner Angermeier, Managing Director of LOG:IT and TIA A3 Forecast.

The different service portfolio of the new strategic partners involved enables an even wider range of services and solutions as well as the development of new target groups: The name LOG:IT stands for expertise in the field of, among other things, Warehouse management software, supplier management and material planning while TIA A3 specializes in digital inventory management in the fashion and consumer segment. Remira is known for its intelligent, cross-industry inventory management software LogoMate.