TIA A3 Forecast profits from synergies within Remira Group

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Besides Stat Control and Remira GmbH TIA A3 Forecast and LOG:IT joined Remira Group which was established in 2019.

In 2019 TIA A3 decided to join a larger corporate group. Every member of this group covers a special part within the sector of supply chain management. Stat Control is specialized on statistical controlling systems and inventory sampling, Remira GmbH supports businesses with disposition and order suggestions and LOG:IT offers optimized warehouse management, inventory management and supplier collaboration. Every company is specialized in its own domain and is working for several decades as a software provider for supply chain solutions. Remira Groups goal is to selectively expand its portfolio and use the specific strength of every company.

Customers profit from the extended range of Remira Group. Thereby new as well as existing customers have access to any solution needed. With the assistance of additional experts from different domains TIA A3 is able to provide more services to its customers.

We are looking forward to the new challenge and collaboration with our new partners.