REMIRA announces realignment of its product and brand strategy

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Following the successful integration of its acquisitions, REMIRA is continuing to push ahead with the realignment of its product and brand strategy. In future, the company will unite its brands under one roof. The preparatory work for this has already been carried out: REMIRA has networked the software solutions equipped with artificial intelligence into a complete package that covers the entire value-added chain. The aim is to promote technological progress with the supply chain solutions and thus to increase the economic success of the customers in the long term. 

In the course of the strategic repositioning, REMIRA is now also adjusting its product and brand strategy. The company offers supply chain solutions with AI for the entire value chain and, in the course of the realignment, links the individual software solutions to a powerful overall solution for all phases of the supply chain. "This is the next logical step for us. We have connected the individual product segments in such a way that our Supply Chain Solutions can accompany users throughout the entire value chain," explains Stephan Unser, CEO at REMIRA. "Our customers benefit from the networking of the individual solution worlds. They receive modern software tools from a single source, which contribute significantly to the optimization of supply chain processes".

Solutions for the entire supply chain

With REMIRA planning, purchasing, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, there are five closely interlinked business areas in the REMIRA ecosystem. These include solutions for sales & operations planning, automated disposition and procurement optimization as well as production planning. In addition, there are software solutions for warehouse logistics as well as tools for linking the entire value chain and intelligent systems for controlling and inventory. Together, the cloud-ready products promote economic progress in the supply chain of customers from the retail and wholesale, production and logistics sectors.

The realignment of the product strategy will be accompanied by the introduction of a new brand identity that reflects the operational changes within the Group. Thus, the subsidiaries LOG:IT, TIA A3 Forecast, Stat Control and PreSet with their products will in future be completely absorbed into the REMIRA brand. With more than 100 highly qualified employees at the main location in Dortmund as well as in Regensburg, Hamburg, Augsburg, Florence (IT) and Noordwijk (NL), the growth course taken will be continued.