How Zollner benefits from net.Label

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Zollner sets a milestone with the “supplier portal”

Since 1965 Zollner has been a reliable partner for its customers and has established itself as a specialist for electrical engineering and one of the leading EMS service providers worldwide.

8.000 employees are working for Zollner AG and created a new label format called MAT-Label working together with big companies like Bosch, Siemens, Hella or Continental. Logistics does not simply mean to transport goods to customers but rather to take a look at the whole supply chain and to optimize it all the time. The selection of suppliers is based on reliability, flexibility and speed. Those attributes are now supported by net.Label.

net.Label (cloud solution in the supplier portal)

By using this web-based tool Zollner Elektronik AG managed to label 100% of its supplies correctly.

Integrated suppliers are able to generate standardized MAT-Labels via web browser. At goods entrance Zollner benefits from unified, supplier-overarching and MAT-labeled goods in order to accelerate the control of goods received. Suppliers are saving time since no realization has to make in their own ERP system.

Functionalities of the „supplier portal“

  • Supplier portal for web-based data exchange
  • Order monitoring and administration
  • Generating deliveries and packages, creating packing lists
  • Order tracking and status acquisition
  • Dock & yard management
  • net.Label: web-based barcode labelling at the supplier
  • All formats: SSCC, NVE, VDA, GTIN, 2D-Matrix etc.
  • Faster control of goods received due to defined labels
  • Master data management
  • Alert management

Worldwide availability thanks to a cloud-based software – no installation necessary!