Dreier AG offers its customers value added services using net.Label

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Nationally and internationally active Dreier AG is a family-owned company providing transport and logistics services. At several locations all over europe and north africa, more than 230 trucks are on the road. With the assistance of net.Label, the logistics specialist supplies his customers with proper labeling for goods that need to be delivered with SSCC-labeling (e.g. food industry) as a value added service.

net.Label is a innovative web based tool:

  • Labels can be generated via an online plattform in realtime
  • The needed number of labels is always available
  • External partners or suppliers also have access to any master data required
  • Minimizing relabeling, time savings for example by skipping multiple printing processes or unnecessary shipping effort
  • With net.Label, SSCC-labels and many more (e.g. VDA, MAT, GTIN) can be generated according to GS1-Standart

That way the logistics provider Dreier AG eliminates unnecessary errors and significant time delay.

Find out more about our tool "LIEFERANTENPORTAL.DE" and net.Label: