Exact integrates OUTPERFORM Planning

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Today Outperform and Exact signed an agreement through which Exact can offer OUTPERFORM software as an integrated part of its business software. Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is an out-of-the-box, easy to install package, integrating seamlessly with Exact Globe Next.

S&OP covers the entire business process from sales forecasting to operations planning and execution. The forecast for products at customers (demand) is made by combining forecasting engine power with market insights from sales and marketing. Supply is planned as a dynamic network of products, warehouses and customers, observing all inter-dependencies. Multiple inventory policies ensure the balance between demand and supply, providing the right service level at the right cost for each product.What nowadays is often done through improvised Excel sheets becomes an integral part of Globe Next, enabling a robust business process that captures input from all involved.

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Sales and Operations Planning is more relevant than ever. The partnership between Outperform and Exact makes our proven S&OP solution available to every existing and new Exact Globe Next customer.

Uneco de Meester, CEO Outperform