EuroCIS: REMIRA presents the fully digital retail customer journey

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The modern retail world is characterized by the use of numerous systems from a wide range of providers. Particularly in retail, software companies are reluctant to integrate solutions from other providers. We believe, however, that only by linking different systems can real added value be created for customers and retailers alike. At EuroCIS in Düsseldorf, from the 27th to the 29th of February 2024, REMIRA will be displaying how a fully digitally supported customer journey can be realized in stationary retail. Together with their partners and their customer Pier 14, the Dortmund-based software provider will be presenting several interesting showcases at booth E21 in Hall 9.  

Throughout three different showcases, the software provider REMIRA will demonstrate how digitalization can lead to increased sales in modern retail. Together with Digimago, the joint fashion customer Pier 14 will be highlighted as an example on how interactive technologies interlock at the POS and beyond in the omnichannel ecosystem. Interactive screen solutions in combination with RFID function as an omnichannel bridge in the store to create a seamless customer experience beyond the stationary product range. The touchscreen is used to find out more about the automatically recognized product, request advice from specialist staff or quickly complete the ordering process in the retailer's online store. The digitalization and networking of different software systems across all sales channels also offers small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to revolutionize their customers' shopping experience. In this way, the manufacturer of merchandise management, order management and checkout systems (including mobile) is creating a fully digital process for retailers, even in brick-and-mortar stores.

The topic of digital receipts is also being further developed together with partners Anybill and Warrify in order to fully digitize the checkout. The receipt is scanned digitally onto smartphones and is available on there at any time. The integration not only provides additional advertising space but can also be used for digital customer cards via the smartphone wallet and more.

"Our new cloud platform bridges the gap between online and brick-and-mortar retail. Thanks to our open architecture, a wide variety of our customers' systems can easily be docked to prevent data silos," explains REMIRA's new CEO Dirk Bingler in this context.

"A vendor lock-in is a no-go in today's software world. Our convincing product portfolio becomes even more convincing when optimal collaboration with other systems is made possible. This is the only way for our customers to achieve the maximum benefit from an omnichannel approach."

The software provider will also be showcasing further development of the STATCONTROL Cloud inventory sampling solution at EuroCIS. The software makes it easy to conduct inventory sampling, which can reduce the workload effort involved by up to 99%. By integrating the counting app functionality into the REMIRA INSTORE app, stocktaking can also be conducted completely digitally.

New CEO available for press interviews

REMIRA CEO Dirk Bingler, who started in November, will be available for press interviews at EuroCIS 2024 on all throughout Tuesday, February 27th.

Further information on REMIRA's software solutions will be available at booth E21 in Hall 9 and online at: