Satisfied INSTORE App customers from different industries


      Our solution has been successfully used for many years in a wide variety of industries, including: 

      • Fashion, lifestyle, shoes and jewellery
      • Consumer Electronics
      • Furniture, DIY and home improvement
      • Green industry
      • Sports industry 
      INSTORE App Referenzen
      Bogner (1)


      Willy Bogner, founded in Munich in 1932, now operates worldwide under the name BOGNER. BOGNER offers a range of products including ready-to-wear clothing, sportswear, sports equipment, accessories, fragrances and leather goods in the upper price segment. With over 600 employees worldwide, BOGNER is present in more than 50 countries.

      • With REMIRA, BOGNER has found a software to digitize its stores
      • With the INSTORE App, BOGNER combines numerous functions in a clear interface
      • In addition to the INSTORE App, BOGNER also uses REMIRA's COMMERCE Cloud, Order Management, Merchandise Management and POS software
      • Together with BOGNER, REMIRA achieved 2nd place in the jury evaluation for Unified Commerce and 1st place in the user voting for the Best Retail Cases 2022 

      Dorothee Schumacher

      Dorothee Schumacher is a German entrepreneur who operates under the label Schumacher GmbH in Mannheim. Her collections can be found in over 600 fashion stores worldwide, including renowned department stores in Dubai, New York City, Tokyo, and Berlin.

      Dorothee Schumacher


      Equiva is a franchise company founded in 1990 in the equestrian retail sector. It offers a wide range of riding wear, equestrian equipment, feed and stable supplies. With over 80 locations in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, Equiva has established a strong presence. In 2007, Equiva became part of the Fressnapf Group. 

      • Equiva's goal with the INSTORE App is to lay the groundwork for networking between branches and the online shop and mobile commerce
      • With the INSTORE App, Equiva can advise customers at any time and present product innovations wherever they are 

      Ulla Popken

      Founded in 1880, Ulla Popken GmbH is an international fashion company specializing in women's plus-size fashion. It offers its products through mail order, online platforms, its own stores, and franchise partners. With over 2,000 employees, Ulla Popken operates in more than 30 countries worldwide. 

      Ulla Popken
      Kleider Bauer

      Kleider Bauer

      Kleider Bauer is an Austrian fashion company based in Prechtoldsdorf. Rudolf Bauer founded the first store in 1951 with a focus on menswear. Today, the company has 28 stores and employs over 1,000 people in Austria, making Kleider Bauer one of the largest fashion companies in the country.

      • Kleider Bauer is pleased with the intuitive and efficient checkout system of the INSTORE App
      • REMIRA supports Kleider Bauer with omnichannel solutions
      • Tablets and smartphones help staff to reduce prices and issue stock transfer instructions so that customers can be served in the best possible way
      • Communication with suppliers saves time through EDI 


      Intersport is the largest medium-sized group in the global sports retail industry. It was founded in Paris in 1968 and is currently headquartered in Bern. IIC-Intersport was established by ten national purchasing associations, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. The group now operates 5,562 stores across 56 countries. 


      Männer-Mode-Haus WAHL

      Männer-Mode-Haus-WAHL is a menswear company founded in 1934. Now in its third generation, Männer-Mode-Haus WAHL stands for the highest quality standards, a wide range of international brands and competent, individual advice. 
      • The aim of the WAHL menswear shop is to make payment a quick secondary matter and to use the entire shop as a relaxed sales area
      • WAHL wants to keep up with the strong digitalisation and avoid checkout queues with mobile checkout 

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