EQUIVA: Networked Stores for Omnichannel Entry


EQUIVA is a specialist retailer for equestrian accessories and horse feed with headquarters in Krefeld (NRW) and is part of the Fressnapf group of companies. The company operates over 80 stores in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg as well as an online store. The product range groups include equestrian, horse, horse feed, husbandry and care. In addition to the exclusive brands EQUIVA, 4Horses, 4Riders, Goldhorse, Feed&Care and Freshfields, EQUIVA also carries well-known equestrian brands such as Pikeur, Kingsland, Cavallo, Eskadron, Bucas, Horseware, Agrobs, St. Hippolyt, Pavo, Uvex, Casco, Effol, Levoet and many more.

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The specialist retailer for equestrian equipment and horse feed, EQUIVA, is modernizing its IT landscape. Since April, customers have been able to pay at a REMIRA checkout at the company's headquarters in Krefeld. And that is just the beginning. The management plans to gradually introduce a well-networked omnichannel technology. The EQUIVA company operates an online shop, 50 of its own branches and 20 other stores in the franchise system in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. It belongs to the Fressnapf group of companies and, as a supplier of animals, was able to open its shops and test its new pilot POS system during the Corona measures.


For the supply of goods and check-out, the successful retailer had previously worked for many years with the Futura ERS cash register and merchandise management system, a predecessor product from the current REMIRA Group. The switch to the POS system with live data synchronization is the starting signal for a strategic technology change at EQUIVA.

"We want to lay the foundation for connecting our branches to each other and for dovetailing with the online shop and mobile commerce. This allows us to gradually implement the omnichannel approach as needed,” says David Handoko, CIO of EQUIVA.

Network Branches with Each Other

This is made possible by the real-time comparison of data across all branches in the new POS system. This means that both the head office and the individual branches can get an overview of the goods currently in stock in the other branches or of purchases that a regular customer has already made there. The online shop can also be viewed as a branch. The IT manager sees another advantage of the REMIRA POS in online payment.

"In addition to the classic payment with cash, debit and credit card, the REMIRA POS also offers us the opportunity to expand the payment system in order to rely on cross-channel products such as Click & Collect in connection with online payment services such as PayPal" , says Handoko.

Safe Logistics Expanses

Equiva-Juelich_2-scaledEQUIVA follows its claim to provide horse lovers with all-round care. The portfolio ranges from riding clothing, tournament clothing and riding accessories to stable and pasture supplies, western items, horse feed and bedding. The company relies on a large variety of products and brands - with corresponding requirements for logistics. “In general, logistics is a mainstay for us in the entire omnichannel area. The "last 20 meters" seem to be insignificant in our logistics chain, from the ramp to the customer shelf," says Handoko, "but it is precisely on these last few meters that the costs are high. The responsibility of wholesale logistics usually ends at the ramp of the branch. The branch employees are not logisticians and still bear their responsibility. In this respect, too, we benefit from the comparatively simple handling of the REMIRA system within the branch. Our goal is to reduce the entire logistics and expenses such as goods receipt and labeling in the store to a minimum.” Central accounting should ensure further time savings. Handoko: "We want to simplify the entire accounting process with the new merchandise management system and connect REMIRA Retail to our accounting system in a centralized and automated manner. This saves us a lot of time in the branch and we can focus on advising and selling our goods.”

Central Rollout of the New Software

The first REMIRA POS has been in live operation as a pilot since the beginning of April. This means that the new system installation is still running parallel to the previous technology. The management wants to gain experience with the cash register pilot in order to independently roll out the new REMIRA software to all EQUIVA dealers in the course of 2020. Handoko: “Unlike our previous system, the REMIRA Retail is a centrally controlled software. So the challenge for us at headquarters is to connect our own branches to our franchise system and to implement uniform solutions.”

Next Steps 


The IT project will not be completed with this. David Handoko already has a second project phase in mind: "Phase one includes the transfer of the existing "old" data to the new systems as well as the process adjustment to the new software and the rollout of the new checkout systems in all stores," describes the IT manager . Phase two is specifically about the content management system and the integration of the omnichannel process. All stores would be equipped with a tablet in order to use the advantages of the REMIRA instore app directly for the customers. “The app gives us the opportunity to address and advise customers at any time, to present new products to them and to complete the sales process – without cash – anywhere in the store,” says Handoko.

Phase two will deal with the needs of customers in every respect and focus entirely on customer service. Whether mobile payment, customer cards, loyalty points or Click & Collect: "All processes must be finely coordinated so that we can serve our customers in the best possible way."


REMIRA systems used at Kleider Bauer

Merchandise management

REMIRA merchandise management manages the supply of goods to your areas and takes over company-wide merchandise control in a largely automated manner. You can manage and track millions of articles and receive suggestions for stock transfers, price changes or reorders.

Merchandise management benefits:

  • Ready for omnichannel: Connect webshops via a universal webshop interface
  • Fast: Use EDI electronic data interchange and save additional time
  • Available: Transfer stock to fast-moving stores with merchandise control
  • Presentable: Up-to-date data is available in the dashboard, both stationary and mobile, including informative graphics

POS software

The REMIRA checkout software optimizes and accelerates checkout processes. A central management automatically synchronizes all changes in the system. You can check whether the innovations have really reached all branches via live monitoring. REMIRA POS software also tells you who your customers are and what they have already bought in other stores. This sets the course for omnichannel, because the software provides real-time data - important for the connection of a webshop. Another plus of REMIRA POS is the variety of connected payment service providers.

Advantages of the POS software:

  • Cross-industry: Use everywhere in retail (non-food), whether in one or hundreds of stores
  • International: Expand worldwide with different languages, currency and fiscalizations
  • Customer-centric: Engage customers with gift cards, coupons, couponing and loyalty systems


Mobile checkout instead of long checkout lines: The INSTORE App is an app that works on tablet and smartphone, which provides you with all the functions and information relevant to the store at any time on the floor. This way, you always have an eye on the most important thing: the customer. If the goods are not available in the desired quantity, you can use inventory queries from other stores and warehouses to offer the customer alternatives with dropshipping, click and reserve and click and collect. Return in store is also possible with the INSTORE app.

Advantages of the INSTORE App:

  • Multifunctional: advise, checkout, navigate store processes
  • Customer-friendly: Avoid queues at the POS
  • Compatible: Runs on iOS, Android and Windows
  • Secure: DSGVO compliant

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