Glossary: Terms from logistics and the supply chain

Warehousing | Keep the overview with the REMIRA Supply Chain Glossary!


Handling Unit

Handling Unit (HU for short) refers to a physical package or loading unit that can be identified by a unique identification number.

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High bay warehouse

A high bay warehouse (HRL) is a storage system with racks from a height of 12m and a maximum height of 50m. The system can contain from a few thousand to several hundred thousand pallet spaces.

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Multi-order picking is a picking method and describes the combination of several analog picking orders into one multi-order picking run. Several orders for picking goods are combined for the warehouse operator according to various criteria and a single warehouse route is created for this purpose.

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Order picking

Order picking in logistics describes the collecting of articles and goods and merchandise from the total assortment in a specified quantity. The process is carried out in one step or in several steps.

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Out-of-stock, or "OOS" for short, describes the situation where a particular product or commodity is not in stock.

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Sample Stocktaking

With sample stocktaking, only a small part of the inventory is counted on the basis of samples, rather than the entire inventory. Depending on the size and nature of the warehouse, the counting effort can be reduced by an average of 95%.

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A stock keeping unit, or SKU for short, is a storage unit that can be uniquely identified by a code and is stored in a company's system.

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Stock reduction

Stock reduction aims to eliminate excess stock from the warehouse, effectively freeing up space in the warehouse and making the best use of existing capacity.

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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is an important part of merchandise management and describes all processes for managing goods within the warehouse. This includes, among other things, control, organization and monitoring of the individual processes from goods receipt to storage and goods issue.

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