W+R: Efficient Planning with TIA A3 shows quick results

In early 2016, W+R started planning its demand with TIA A3 and forwards the orders, which are automatically generated in the module "Disposition" to its ERP-System. Already after one year, they could see an early success: Their stock was reduced by 20%. Meanwhile the service level improved despite the replenishment time from 90 to 130 days. Today W+R contently work with an optimized stock, a capital commitment reduced by 20 % and pleased clients.


For 90 years, the W+R Group, headquartered in Metzingen, has been developing protective and working gloves for industry and trade as well as for emergency forces with federal and state police forces and special units throughout Europe for a wide range of applications. Recently, W+R has also become active in the sports sector and offers highly functional gloves for winter sports under the brand name KinetiXx. In addition to leather and knitwear, the gloves are also made of innovative, highly functional materials. The selective procurement for approx. 200 planning-relevant articles and an optimised stock of raw materials support the manufacturer of the brands KinetiXx, W+R Industry and W+R Pro in production and delivery and guarantee him full customer satisfaction.

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The W+R Group develops and forwards work and protecting gloves for industries and artisans as well as task forces in the (federal) police and Special Forces all over Europe since 90 years. Only recently, they extended their portfolio by producing under the brand name KinetiXx high functional gloves for winter sports. The gloves are made of leather, knitted fabric and other innovative, high functional materials. The selective procurement for approximately 200 articles and an optimized stock of raw material support W+R in the production and delivery of brands like KinetiXx, W+R Industry and W+R Pro and guarantee high customer satisfaction.

Head of Purchase Industry at W+R Axel Streich summarizes: "We have got a lot of clients, who have a very unsteady ordering behaviour. TIA A3 makes this process more transparent and easier to plan with. The forwarding of the order proposals to our ERP system has effectively reduced our workload for disposition. The prognosis helps to reserve capacities at the supplier. We can now buy raw material like leather during good selling conditions."


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