CECEBA: Company runs TIA A3 software for demand planning


As one of the leading lingerie producers on an international level and a member of the Schäfer Fashion Group, CECEBA is a renowned brand in the bodywear sector. In addition to its own brands CECEBA and GÖTZBURG, the company also designs, produces, and distributes the Tom Tailor brand under license. Founded in 1893, the company gives high priority to human ecological standards for the protection of people, the environment and nature, with CECEBA standing for quality, naturalness and sportiness. Since the company was founded, the main location of the multiple official outfitter of the German Olympic team has been in Balingen.

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CECEBA is a well-known brand on body wear markets and member of the Schäfer fashion group. Besides its own brand CECEBA and GÖTZBURG, Tom Tailor is being produced and sold on a licence base. The company’s high priority is on human ecology standard for protection of human, environment and nature whereby CECEBA stands for quality, naturalness and sportiness. Since its foundation in 1893 the main location of the official supplier for Olympic teams is located in Balingen.

TIA A3, developed for sales planning, demand forecast and diposition, enables CECEBA to produce more oriented to the market. Besides rolling sales planning and sample based calculation for collection products, the new planning software offers a dynamic size key as well as a diposition module to determine ideal order proposals.

Those improvements made it possible for CECEBA to increase its readiness to delivery and to minimize planning efforts.

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