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Steiff: Collection clean-up and planning with TIA A3


Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, Steiff is a manufacturer of toys sold worldwide and is particularly known for teddy bears and soft toys with the button in the ear.

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Designing and creating Steiff´s popular high quality teddy bears takes a lot of time and money. Even when searching for a new topic, designers at the development department take a lot of time in order to put a smile on children's and collectors' faces. With a lot of attention to detail product designers then prepare about 100 sketches per collection. To make a choice is especially difficult in that case. In order to support the collection planning and provide early forecasts, TIA A3´s module AVACOS© ensures appropriate support. Following the budget plan, a council of experts including marketing managers ranks the recent developments with regard to all markets and distribution channels. The outcome displays a ranking including the predicted sales success as a basis for the final definition of the respective collection followed by a transfer to the planning department.

Following Teddy Bär & Co. Steiff now also works with TIA A3 in the fashion sector

With the help of TIA A3, Margarete Steiff GmbH managed to simplify and organize planning processes more transparent. As a result, collections can now be planned consistently in advance.

The marketing department and any other relevant employees are involved in the planning process and decisions about new collections are made in accordance with different departments as a consequence. That leads to a clear and structured collection planning.

The collection ranking module AVACOS also ranks the newcomers´ expected sales success which allows a prototype selection based on the expert council´s evaluations in advance. As a result, a newcomer´s collection with potentially high chances of success is introduced to the market.

For a long, there has been baby´s and children´s fashion by Steiff produced and distributed by a licensed partner. Starting in 2019, Margarete Steiff GmbH will take over the fashion department single-handedly. We are looking forward to the first independent Steiff-Fashion-Collection in Spring/Summer of 2019. The process of planning already is in full swing and in good hands supported by TIA A3´s software.



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