TIA A3 at Güde

Güde: Excellent deliverability for fine craftsman and handyman products


Güde GmbH & Co. KG, based in Wolpertshausen, Baden-Württemberg, is a renowned supplier of machines and tools for DIY and craftsmen with production facilities all over the world. Güde's trademarks are the blue design and the excellent price-performance ratio.

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Güde GmbH & Co. KG has its headquarters in Wolpertshausen, Baden Württemberg, Germany and is a renowned provider of machines and tools for craftsmen and handymen producing its products all over the world. Güde´s trademarks are the blue design and the outstanding price-performance ratio. More than 5.000 traders all over Europe are supplied with woodwork or metalwork machines as well as different power tools and many more from Wolpertshausen. Behind that stands a powerful logistics: About 30.000 square meters provide space for more than 2.000 products in high numbers, whereas many products have to be finally assembled before delivery. In order to increase the approved delivery capacity Güde now trusts TIA A3 with their inventory planning. The software adds season-oriented forecast and automated order proposals to the existing ERP-System. By that Güde always has the right article at the right time in stock.


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