TOMS: Full coverage of the complete planning cycle of seasonal collections


As the original One for One company, TOMS has always been in the business of improving lives. Since 2006, nearly 100 million pairs of shoes have been distributed to people in need. Now, TOMS gives both shoes and impact grants to partners around the world who are working to help people feel physically safe, mentally healthy and have equal access to opportunities. (For every $3 TOMS earns, they give $1 away). TOMS is not only a great and socially conscious company, but also makes great shoes for women, men and children.

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If we look at the injustice and inequality in this world Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, with his project “One for One” is fighting like David against Goliath. Our Software TIA A3 is now supporting the US-business by providing them plan figures based on prognosis, with which they optimize stock and the efficiency of their value and supply chains: Starting at the control of the seasonal delivery targets and merchandise plan, then enabling the blind forecast (AVACOS) of items during sales conference and delivering the subsequent total demand forecast based on pre order intake and ending with the improvement of buying decision on size level- TIA A3 covers the whole planning cycle.

TOMS trusts TIA A3 with its planning in Europe and across the Ocean

Both the global planning department in Los Angeles in the USA as the European organization in Amsterdam confide A3 functionalities, making it possible to extent sales combined with earlier and more accurate product availability. Since A3 already aggregates and clusters all relevant sales, sourcing and stock information, time spend on getting information out of data is reduced significantly.

Multiple plan channels such as wholesale, distributors, own retail and e commerce have now one integrated way of working which makes consolidation of demand to the multiple production sites a push of the button. As standard “click-in” solution to many ERP systems, at TOMS a seamless integration with SAP is implemented.

“One for One” is a TOMS project to help people in need over the world with every product purchased. For every pair of shoes TOMS is providing a pair of shoes for children all over the world. For every bag of coffee TOMS enables the access to fresh drinking water in drought-affected provinces. For every pair of sunglasses someone is granted eyesight and for every sold handbag TOMS provides vital materials and training needed to help provide a safe birth regardless of the facility. With its newest product, a backpack, TOMS starts fighting bullying in the U.S. With TIA A3 supporting TOMS’ planning processes they gain more resources to invest in their “business for good”.


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