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reisenthel: Market oriented Material Planning with TIA A3


For over 40 years, reisenthel has been convincing as a manufacturer of accessories, bags and storage systems with a successful combination of form, function and flexibility. The family-owned company became known above all for its functional and flexible bags such as Carrybags, Carrycruiser or Easybags.

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For more than 40 years, Reisenthel has been a most popular producer of accessories, bags and storage systems, famous for the successful combination of style, functionality and flexibility. The family owned company foremost gained reputation for its functional and flexible bags, such as the Carrybag, Carrycruiser or Easybag.

To further develop their market oriented goods availability, Reisenthel now implemented the software TIA A3 for sales planning and demand management. TIA A3 ensures optimal stock management in combination with the highest goods availability possible. Furthermore, the Reisenthel planning team is supported by TIA A3 prognoses.