LOGOMATE at Fressnapf

Fressnapf: Less stock and more efficiency

LOGOMATE from REMIRA brought the specialist retailer for pet food Fressnapf an enormous leap in efficiency in the planning in just a few months: time savings, stock reduction, high delivery capability and process optimization.


25 years ago, entrepreneur Torsten Toeller developed a new, convincing concept in the area of pet food and accessories: a huge selection of products on large surfaces, favourable discount prices and professional advice. He was immediately successful with his first store in Erkelenz in 1990. Today, Fressnapf is the market leader with almost 1,500 stores and around 12,000 employees throughout Europe. The company headquarters and logistics centre are located in Krefeld.

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Everything about pet food

In order to be able to continue the growth course, the planning of goods had to be modernized. LOGOMATE achieved a real quantum leap in efficiency. According to Michael Seisoff, Head of Supply Chain Management at Fressnapf, the scheduling used to be largely manual: “There were no forecasts based on clean data from purchasing. For new articles, the planner looked into his personal crystal ball.” The result was a high out-of-stock ratio and a very high stock.

Systematic inventory planning

That’s why Fressnapf decided to purchase an automatic forecasting and ordering tool for scheduling – LOGOMATE:

“It best implements the solutions necessary for Fressnapf,” Seisoff emphasizes.

“It was very important for us to optimize for logistical targets, i.e. full trucks and containers. In addition, each truck should constitute a stand-alone order to ensure a one-to-one assignment between the order and the delivery in the goods receipt.”

LOGOMATE creates this in an easy way. On screen, the most important parameters can be viewed at once.

Automatic orders

According to Seisoff, the manual determination of a demand no longer takes place today. LOGOMATE now provides precise suggestions for this. The planned orders are checked by the planner only for plausibility and automatically converted into orders. “If the general conditions are set clean and no unforeseen changes are made, LOGOMATE’s planned orders are consistent,” Seisoff said.

Central warehousing

The trend towards central logistics was the incentive for the company to use LOGOMATE to choose a solution that would go far in line with expansion plans. “We have different warehouses that we manage centrally,” Seisoff explains. With LOGOMATE, many departments were also trained to be more disciplined. “We didn’t expect this additional positive effect,” Seisoff recalls.

Better promotion planning

One of the biggest challenges was that the planner had to do what the system gave him on a daily basis for tasks (error messages, warning messages, order proposals, etc.). Until then, each employee had to search for faults in the flow of goods. LOGOMATE quickly and clearly puts all the information on the screen. Most of the error messages came together in the start phase for the outliers from promotions as well as from master data errors. Fressnapf quickly realized when LOGOMATE is most effective: “If you feed the system with clean data and also include the outliers over a long period of time, it provides very reliable results,” concludes Division Head Seisoff.

Quantum leap in efficiency

In addition to time savings, stock reduction, high delivery capability and process optimization, it also highlights the increased transparency of information. Through sales time series and inventory histories, LOGOMATE makes the life cycle of an item clear:

“You can see ups and downs, actions, season progressions, peaks and out-of-stock situations – all at a glance.”

Real-time testing

Reference visits to companies contributed to the decision-making process. On site, Fressnapf employees were able to see how LOGOMATE processes large amounts of data in real time. Seisoff is very satisfied with the service: “All REMIRA employees have supported us with great commitment in the introduction and implementation.”


  • Around 1500 markets throughout Europe
  • All warehouses are centrally controlled.

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