LOGOMATE at Dehner

Dehner: Optimal stock and significant relief

Dehner gets around 13,000 items from his central warehouse in Rain. In order to prepare for further growth, the largest garden center group in Europe introduced REMIRA LOGOMATE - an inventory management software. The IT system controls the entire goods scheduling according to the seasonal phases of the fiscal year. This leads to a significant reduction in the burden on employees.


The network of 118 Dehner garden centres stretches from Düsseldorf to Dresden, from Kiel to Graz in Austria. The group of companies was founded 70 years ago in the Bavarian town of Rain, around 50 km north of Augsburg. Today, Dehner is a modern family business with solid growth and consistent customer orientation, which now employs over 5,500 people. The wide range of products includes everything to do with plants, gardens and pets. With its own brands, most of which come from its own production, Dehner has been setting standards for years in terms of price and performance for the most important basic products for garden and pet lovers.

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Efficient use of resources

In all markets, a zoo specialist trade and a cut flower department with individual floristry are integrated. Fresh bouquets and vouchers are also distributed via an online shipping company, the Dehner Flower Shop. Another subsidiary, Dehner Agrar, developed from the seed trade, the origin of the company. Today, seeds, special fertilizers, pesticides, equipment and farm materials are sold to farmers in direct business. The division has a central warehouse in Rain as well as other warehouses in Mochau, Scheeßel and Rosian-Isterbies. The steady growth of Dehner places ever higher demands on the efficiency of logistics and the management of goods flows. As a result, the company introduced REMIRA LOGOMATE for digital inventory management. The main objectives for Dehner were to improve the delivery capability and availability of the items as well as to relieve the employees during scheduling. In addition, the IT system should take seasonal features into account as closely as possible and guarantee an efficient use of goods, materials and personnel throughout the year.

"LOGOMATE has kept what it promises."

Improving the quality of work

During the implementation of LOGOMATE, Dehner first created an accurate actual analysis of the previous logistical processes. Vulnerabilities were identified and defined with REMIRA target processes.

“Our departments were able to decide not only on the system itself, but also on what the future process should look like,” he said.

Oswald emphasizes. Subsequently, all data was incorporated into the new software and adapted based on selected suppliers. Today, the system contains data for all 13,000 items in the central warehouse in Rain. The changeover to digital scheduling significantly relieved employees in time – at the same time, the quality of work increased. “In this way, the range of tasks offered by our employees has been expanded,” Oswald says, citing important efficiency potentials through LOGOMATE. The organizational expert is consistently positive about the cooperation with the software experts of REMIRA:

"REMIRA is a very reliable partner. I have rarely seen a project where so few extensions or adjustments were needed during implementation. The REMIRA employees have kept to the timetable and LOGOMATE has kept to what it promised."

Extension to ordering

LOGOMATE’s special strengths include reliable forecasting, which is extremely important for a inventory planning system. The software must function excellently in all seasonal phases of the fiscal year. Typical seasonal curves, such as the high frequency in the spring planting season, are precisely mapped in the graphical user interface, the “Cockpit”. For the future, Oswald plans to expand the functionality of LOGOMATE. The aim is to extend the system to the ordering system of all Dehner markets: “If the precise sales forecasts are the basis for the planning of the central warehouse, a round overall solution is created,” summarizes the head of the organisation.


  • 1.7 million SKUs
  • Mapping and calculation of the plant season
  • Significant increase of work quality with LogoMate

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