BVB: More availability and no out-of-stock

BVB Merchandising GmbH manages its online shop, the stores and all warehouses with LOGOMATE so that the 800 different fan articles are always in stock in sufficient quantities. Out-of-stock situations have been a thing of the past ever since. The continuously increasing storage value could be reduced after a short time.


Founded in 1909 as Ballspielverein Borussia 09, the club is one of the largest and strongest football clubs in Europe. As a wholly-owned subsidiary, BVB Merchandising GmbH is responsible for the distribution of fan merchandise.

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Sales increased tenfold

BVB Merchandising GmbH has increased its turnover tenfold in recent years. Purchase decisions were nevertheless made further out of the gut. Demand planning for the more than 800 different items in the fan shop was based on Excel lists and using the standard functions of the ERP system. For the planning, the dispatchers used the purchases from the previous year. The consequence of this approach: growing stocks and regular out-of-stock situations. In order to reduce the ever-increasing stock and at the same time have the right items in stock, BVB decided to automate inventory management with LOGOMATE.

Successful test run

REMIRA first conducted a test run with the software. A test forecast for the ordering of jerseys was prepared. In this area, it is important to assess the needs as accurately as possible – jerseys are the most demanded items.

“The test run convinced us: the prediction arrived with an accuracy of almost 100 percent,”

reports Hauke Pahl, Logistics Manager at BVB Merchandising GmbH.

Today, BVB Merchandising GmbH uses the software to plan its entire product range for all sales channels: B2B customers, stationary fan shops and the online shop. The IT solution optimizes inventory management and improves sales planning and scheduling sustainably by dynamically adapting the security assets to the respective item. LOGOMATE then automatically generates return- and sales-oriented order recommendations, including the best purchasing conditions.

Permanent stock reduction

Parallel to the introduction of the software, the distributor of BVB fan articles increased the quality of its master data. After the detailed actual analysis, the target processes were also optimized as a basis for interface programming. All responsible employees received training in the software.

“Afterwards we started right away,”

says Hauke Pahl. First, BVB Merchandising GmbH used LOGOMATE to calculate which items are going well and whether there are specific triggers for them. This is the only way to ensure a permanent reduction in stocks with a high availability of goods. In order to be able to evaluate the results even better and faster, logistics manager Hauke Pahl completed a report training after receiving the first sales figures.
For example, the reports show which items can be reduced due to low demand, which are needed in the next four weeks, and how discount promotions affect sales. The biggest surprise: BVB’s current league position has no effect on sales in the short term.

Bye-bye, Out-of-Stock

LOGOMATE is a self-learning system and works more and more precisely as the data volume increases. Thanks to the inventory management software, out-of-stock situations are a thing of the past for BVB Merchandising GmbH. Due to the improved product range planning, the company has already reduced its stock value after a short time.

In addition, the stock of flocks decreased by 40%. “Together with REMIRA, we continuously adapt the software to our needs during ongoing operation. If you have any questions, new tasks or ideas, our contact person is always available and implements our requirements flexibly,” Hauke Pahl sums up.


  • 800 different fan articles
  • Entire assortment with all distribution channels (B2B, branch, online)
  • 40 fewer stock of flocked jerseys
  • prediction with almost 100 accuracy

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