LOGOMATE at Alnatura

Alnatura: More Sustainability & Less Stock

Fresh organic food on the table – to meet this demand, Alnatura manages its inventory management with LOGOMATE. The digitization of processes enables a high time saving: 97 percent of orders in the dry assortment are fully automatic. The increased transparency with regard to stocks also prevents out-of-stock situations.


Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH, founded in 1984, distributes food and textiles produced according to ecological principles, which are sold by various drugstore and retail chains as well as in the company's own Alnatura organic supermarkets.

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Digital Processes in the Distribution Center

Since 2010, Alnatura has operated its own distribution centre in Lorsch. Shortly after the start of operations, the bio-provider digitized scheduling and inventory management with LOGOMATE from REMIRA. The goal: optimal supply of stores and the reduction of out-of-stock situations. In addition, the software supports alnatura to achieve its sustainability goals – for example, by improving the utilization of trucks.

Needs-based Stocks

Alnatura uses LOGOMATE to supply the 127 stores and to order the items for the distribution center. The software is connected to the SAP system via an interface. Based on the goods receipts and outputs as well as the current stocks, LOGOMATE determines planned orders for the dispatchers. The forecast takes into account seasonal fluctuations, holidays and special sales dates, as well as best-before dates.


“LOGOMATE delivers accurate and realistic sales forecasts. In addition, dynamic optimization leads to demand-oriented stocks in the warehouse,”


explains Matthias Lindner, Deputy Head of Logistics at Alnatura. LOGOMATE also enables an optimum utilization of the trucks. The software calculates on the basis of the order lead times of the manufacturers, which deliveries can be collected together on which date.
The employees of the branches work primarily in the merchandise management system. At the end of the day, the current inventory data is transmitted from SAP to LOGOMATE. This data matching, together with a qualitative sales forecast, provides the basis for the planned orders. “Each store receives individual suggestions for the order quantities of individual products,” explains Lindner. The planned orders are checked by the employees and transmitted to Lorsch via the SAP system. An adjustment of the proposals is rarely necessary: In the dry assortment, employees release 97 percent of LOGOMATE’s orders without modification, compared to around 92 percent in the freshness sector.

“LOGOMATE saves us a massive amount of time.”

Efficiency Gains in the Company

“The time saved by LogoMate gives us a great efficiency gain”,

Lindner reports. The organic provider also ties up less capital in its branches and achieves a better supply of fewer out-of-stock situations. The service providers and regional wholesalers with whom Alnatura cooperates also benefit: they receive a realistic forecast of upcoming orders. “LOGOMATE convinced us all round. We would like to expand the solution with the LM promo+ promotion planning module in the near future,” says Lindner. Another future project is the introduction of a two-stage scheduling.


  • 2.3 million SKUs
  • over 126 own stores in Germany
  • 97 of the B'positions in the dry assortment automated
  • 92 in the freshness sector

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