Sikla digitizes the purchasing process with LIEFERANTENPORTAL.DE

Keeping track of 250 suppliers is no easy task for buyers. Therefore, a good integration of all service providers into the company's own supply chain is even more important. Sikla GmbH, one of the leading specialists in fastening systems, will be using REMIRA's LIEFERANTENPORTAL.DE in the future. This means that all ordering and delivery processes, including labeling, will be digitized and handled in just one platform.

Sikla GmbH

As one of the leading specialists in fastening systems, Sikla has been a competent partner for technical building equipment, industrial plant engineering and shipbuilding for more than five decades. Sikla products are used in more than 40 countries worldwide. We are represented in almost all European countries by our own company or by sales partners. Sikla was founded in 1967 by Sighart Klauß. Today, the internationally active group of companies employs approx. 600 people and is managed as an independent family business by Dieter and Reiner Klauß.

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Procurement and delivery process centralized in just one platform

Sikla has been a competent partner for technical building equipment and industrial plant engineering for more than five decades. The products of the company, headquartered in Villingen-Schwenningen, are used in more than 40 countries. Around 250 suppliers regularly supply the family-owned company, which was founded in 1967. Over the years, the handling of all order and delivery processes has grown into a task for buyers that is almost impossible to keep track of. In search of a solution to digitalize the processes, save time and optimize communication with suppliers, Sikla found what it was looking for at REMIRA.

The company offers LIEFERANTENPORTAL.DE, a cloud-based software solution that helps companies digitize their procurement processes and ensure smooth supply chains. Until now, Sikla has relied on manual communication when working with suppliers. Orders are sent as PDF files by e-mail. Order confirmations have to be manually updated in the existing ERP system. With the introduction of LIEFERANTENPORTAL.DE, media breaks will be avoided in the future. Orders are placed electronically and transmitted via the portal. Suppliers generate an order confirmation on this basis. This eliminates the need for buyers to manually compare purchase orders and order confirmations - and saves an enormous amount of time. The software solution simultaneously checks the data received from the supplier. If the order quantity, price or delivery date deviate too much from the desired target, the supplier portal triggers a clearing process by the buyer.

Labeling directly from the supplier portal

In the future, Sikla will use another function of its new software solution: Suppliers can use order confirmations to form deliveries directly from the program and generate a shipping notification at package level in the packaging process. This also allows shipping and product labels to be generated, which significantly speeds up processes at the goods receiving point. The supplier portal will be launched at Sikla in July. Around 250 suppliers will then be integrated into the platform.

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