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25hours Hotel

25hours Hotels was founded in 2005 and now operates 15 hotels and stores in the DACH region as well as in Dubai, France, Italy and Denmark. In addition to bed and breakfast, the hotels offer a colorful mix of contemporary services from restaurants, bars and cafés to carefully curated store offerings, flower stores and pawn stores. Custom hotels are created for each location in collaboration with changing designers.

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Almost Home

In the shops of the 25hours hotels, guests become customers. Sales of cuddly sleeping monkeys, natural cosmetics or high-quality photo books benefit from the high occupancy rate of the designer feel-good hotels. With André Gerber, the hotel management brought a retail specialist into the team, who makes the individual offer to the guests boom.

25hours Hotel and Its Own Style

It actually starts with the fact that each of the 25hours hotels has its own style and dynamic. Gerber: "It's something like the DNA of the hotels. Each is a place where you feel good - almost at home. Each hotel is different, each tells a different story.” For example, the well-known Bikini Hotel, neighbor of the Zoological Garden in Berlin, in the urban jungle style or the Düsseldorf Das Tour Hotel with Parisian flair and a view over the city. In line with the respective appearance of the 12 hotels so far, Gerber and his team are expanding the very individual product range: "Everything tells a story, which in turn is related to the hotel."

Many Stories, One System

Where did you get this carpet from, where do they offer such lamps? – In the early days of the hotel, the demands of the guests led to the fact that an area was reserved for the sale of goods, says Gerber. The current hotel shops now take up 20 to 100 square meters. Certain items are only available on site. A basic repertoire such as “Stop the water while using me” shampoos or chic Schindelhauer bikes, are not only available for guests in all hotels, but also in the online shop. When Gerber, who has been in retail for 20 years, is commissioned to expand the 25hours shops, he knows that adding to an exciting range would not be enough.

"Even the most beautiful stories are backed by an IT system. We need the software from REMIRA to manage all areas, to manage the article data of the online warehouse and to carry out central controlling." - André Gerber

Ein 25hours Hotel von außen

A Camp for Everyone

In Hamburg, where the 25hours Hotels originated, the REMIRA merchandise management system now ensures that the elegant accessories from the central warehouse find their way via the connected logistics to the design hotels and also to the 25hours online shop "Things". The most important sales items are maintained via the online shop warehouse. The article availability is reliably given by automated reordering. A hotel can now be a customer in its own system and use the core range. The Hamburgers feed in the article data, from the EAN (article number) to the image and the product description to the price. In the hotels on site, label printers deliver the appropriate labels via the cash register system, which is connected online to the merchandise management system. Voilà!

Desired Sales Channel

In Düsseldorf, guests can already pay for their souvenirs at the ROQQIO online checkout. The locations Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Vienna and Zurich will follow. Guests can also order the desired object directly to their room. Gerber, always on the lookout for special things, is getting more and more inquiries from manufacturers: "The 25hours hotel stores are developing into a very interesting marketing and sales channel." And that's no wonder. After all, where in the world does a customer stay longer in the day than "25hours"?

At a glance:

  • High article availability through automated reordering
  • All hotels can use the core range
  • Centralized management of all product data

REMIRA systems used at 25hours Hotel

Merchandise Management

REMIRA merchandise management manages the supply of goods to your areas and handles company-wide merchandise control in a largely automated manner. You can manage and track millions of items and receive suggestions for stock transfers, price changes or reorders.

Merchandise management benefits:

  • Ready for omnichannel: Connect webshops via a universal webshop interface
  • Fast: Use EDI electronic data interchange and save additional time
  • Available: Transfer stock to fast-moving stores with merchandise management
  • Presentable: Up-to-date data is available in the dashboard, both stationary and mobile, including informative graphics

POS software

The REMIRA checkout software optimizes and accelerates checkout processes. A central management automatically synchronizes all changes in the system. You can check whether the innovations have really reached all branches via live monitoring. REMIRA POS software also tells you who your customers are and what they have already bought in other stores. This sets the course for omnichannel, because the software provides real-time data - important for the connection of a webshop. Another plus of ROQQIO POS is the variety of connected payment service providers.

Advantages of the POS software:

  • Cross-industry: Use everywhere in retail (non-food), whether in one or hundreds of stores.
  • International: Expand worldwide with different languages, currency and fiscalizations
  • Customer-centric: Engage customers with gift cards, vouchers, couponing and loyalty systems

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