LOGOMATE at Österreichische Post

Österreichische Post: More transparency and less work

From a decentralized solution to a centralized inventory management for one million Stock Keeping Units (SKU): This change was made by Österreichische Post in just six months. Today, all warehouse items with LOGOMATE are distributed to the 450 stores and 1,350 post partners nationwide. Stocks were reduced by ten percent as the solution was introduced.

Österreichische Post

Austrian Post is the country's leading logistics and postal service provider. Its main business areas include the transport of letters, advertising mail, print media and parcels. The branch network of Austrian Post is one of the largest private customer networks in the country and offers its customers throughout Austria high-quality products and services in the areas of postal services, banking, telecommunications, and energy.

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Sensitivity in the distribution of goods

Österreichische Post manages a total of one million warehouse items at two locations in Vienna. Sensitivity is required when distributing goods.

“Our stores and partners sell very different quantities of items”,

explains Stefan Nemeth, Head of Philatelie & Assortment Management at Österreichische Post. Until now, each location ordered its goods independently, and the product range management was the responsibility of the company’s headquarters. “These processes were very time-consuming. Due to the decentralized processing, some items also had too long ranges of up to twelve months,” says Stefan Nemeth. For this reason, Österreichische Post decided to centralize its scheduling using LOGOMATE.

Two-stage disposition

Österreichische Post is planning in two stages: On the one hand, LOGOMATE generates planned orders for the suppliers. On the other hand, the warehouse is dispatched to the branches and post partners. At the heart of inventory management is the qualitative sales forecast. This calculates sales development and provides employees with precise planned orders. The heart of inventory management is the qualitative sales forecast.

Precise calculation of special offers

Some suppliers offer better price conditions from a minimum order value. In order to benefit from this, Österreichische Post can determine in LOGOMATE up to what range of items an order pays off. The system then automatically replenishes the orders to the required quantity. Once a month, Österreichische Post publishes special offers of its merchandise. These items are rescheduled with the LOGOMATE module LM promo+. “In the past, each store accessed the total stock and gained a buffer for promotional goods. The distribution of the articles was not transparent,” explains Stefan Nemeth. Due to centralized scheduling, the processes are now much more regulated.

More time for day-to-day business

Since the introduction of the inventory management software, Österreichische Post has reduced its holdings by ten percent. At the same time, availability increased by up to 15 percent. This is because of a higher level of inventory accuracy. As a result, the logistics company was able to reduce the security stocks and the likelihood of stock-outs. Due to the central handling of the distribution processes, the scheduling costs for the employees in the branches and at the postal partners are eliminated. You now have more time to get involved in sales, inventory and customer support.


  • 450 own stores and 1,350 partner shops
  • 1 000 000 million SKUs
  • 2 Central warehouses in Vienna
  • 10% fewer stocks in a short period of time
  • 15% more availability

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