Wilson Electronics conquers challenges of COVID-19 with OUTPERFORM Planning

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OUTPERFORM Planning has been a vital tool for Wilson Electronics as they work through the drastic demand shifts associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. OUTPERFORM Planning has been the execution arm of their business discussions as they frequently review multiple demand scenarios and their associated impact on both labor and material planning.

About Wilson Electronics

Wilson Electronics is the country’s leading manufacturer of cellular signal booster technology. Their founder, serial entrepreneur Jim Wilson, started the company in 1999 in St. George, Utah, and ever since they have been keeping people connected with stronger cell signal at home, in the workplace, in commercial settings, and on the go.

For more information about the company or its product brands: WilsonPro®, weboost® and zBoost® , visit https://www.wilsonelectronics.com/ .


I can safely say that without OUTPERFORM Planning, our organization would be playing a ‘catchup game’ that would promote uncertainty and pendulum swings instead of actively executing to an up-to-date, data driven demand plan.
Jonathan Field, COO