Simplify inventory and warehouse processes


      Our warehouse software solutions can help you manage your warehouse processes, whether it is warehouse management or inventory simplification. Our WMS provides the utmost transparency and visibility of all warehouse movements. Our SaaS inventory sampling solution significantly reduces inventory labor, with an average reduction of 95%.



      All-in-one warehouse management

      DILOS is our established WMS system for trade, industry and logistics. Make optimal use of your logistics resources because DILOS is flexibly scalable and adaptable to any warehouse structure.

      • Optimized processes for all warehouse types
      • All-in-one solution that reduces costs
      • Special functions for logistics service providers


      Sample stocktaking in the cloud

      The SaaS solution enables simple, fast and accurate stocktaking in the warehouse and store - without additional help and software installation. All that is required to carry out the inventory is a log-in in the web browser.

      • Reduce inventory costs by up to 99 %
      • Amortization already in the first year
      • No project effort necessary

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