Mobile checkout with the INSTORE App

      Features and Modules

      The numerous functions and modules of the INSTORE App offer you a wide range of possibilities. Branch processes and customer- or item-related information can be viewed in this way at any time, enabling better customer advice and easy insight into branch processes.  

      Features INSTORE app


      The Modules at a Glance


      With the help of the INSTORE app, mobile checkout is possible on the sales floor. Users can also see the availability of the various goods at a glance and make mobile reservations via the app.

      Omnichannel processes

      Omnichannel processes include functions such as Click & Collect, Click & Reserve and reservations. Customer data management and ship from store are also possible with the app.

      Branch processes

      Processes such as goods receipt, price labelling, warehouse price markdowns, stock corrections or even document pre-entries can be easily carried out. Label printing and online or offline inventory are also possible.


      The INSTORE app's relocation module enables uncomplicated creation, sending and receiving.


      The Functions at a Glance

      Take inventory easily

      With this function, the inventory can be carried out online or offline using the app. In the case of an online inventory, a direct export via RISB to Retail is possible.

      Price marking & label printing

      Price labels can be created in Retail and edited on the floor using the app. There is also the function to have labels reprinted.

      Click & Reserve andClick & Collect

      With this function, all Click & Reserve, Click & Collect and Ship-from- Store processes of the branch are mapped at a glance, enabling staff to act quickly.

      Supplier return and goods receipt

      Supplier returns can be quickly recorded and processed. Incoming goods can also be recorded and processed with the INSTORE app.

      Simple voucher

      A sales transaction can be created quickly and easily in the app. The receipt can be transferred to the POS for later checkout.

      a reservation

      The customer reservation can be created directly via the INSTORE app. The sale of the reserved items can then take place via the app or at the POS via receipt scan.

      Connection to external programmes

      Externe Programme und dynamische URLs lassen sich mithilfe der INSTORE App problemlos integrieren, um beispielsweise individuelle Reports in der App anzuzeigen.

      Stock correction & stock price markdowns

      Stock corrections and manual price markdowns of the items can be carried out at any time.

      REMIRA Instore App @Gorodenkoff

      Mobile Checkout

      With the REMIRA INSTORE app, not only is mobile checkout possible on the sales floor, but also the addition of bonus discounts or the sale and redemption of vouchers via the respective end device. Better customer advice and a wider choice of payment options are also made possible for the customer through the various features, such as purchase on account.

      Advise Customers Even Better

      Everything about the customer: With the REMIRA INSTORE app, customer processes can be mapped easily and uncomplicatedly, so that the customer is always the focus. Functions such as the creation of new customers directly in the app or the editing of existing customer records as well as viewing the customer purchase history clearly display all relevant customer information.  Signatures can also be submitted digitally. The app thus enables optimal and mobile customer advice.

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      INSTORE App Umlagerungen

      Relocations with the INSTORE App

      This function of the app offers the possibility to request stock transfers from other branches or warehouse locations and to process them digitally via app. With the REMIRA INSTORE app, it is also possible to create new stock transfers or send open stock transfer requests from other branches. Incoming stock transfers can be easily confirmed and booked into the system. 

      Inventory management has never been easier

      The stock function provides the user with all information at a glance. A stock query on the sales floor, as well as an item search or even filter options are available within a very short time and on different end devices. With this function, it is also possible to carry out actions from the stock overview, to integrate dynamic URLs and to call up article information at any time. 

      INSTORE App Bestandsführung
      INSTORE App Features und Module Inventur

      Simple Branch Inventory

      It is possible to carry out an offline inventory completely independent of the respective backend system. The customer receives a QR code, scans it and can send the app to take inventory. A reference list can be uploaded in the app and used to validate the captured scan codes. Export is easily possible via email as a CSV file to import the data into the backend system.

      Even more functions with the inventory sampling solution

      Alternatively, it is possible to use the INSTORE App as a recording medium in connection with our inventory sampling solution STATCONTROL Cloud. In this case, the data records to be recorded are obtained from the STATCONTROL backend and exported there after recording. 

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