Software for the Retail Industry

Our extensive software for the retail industry covers all important areas: POS, merchandise management, networked shopping experience and optimal business processes such as customer captures, stock transfers and orders.

Software for all Industries

Easy management of articles

Planning, procurement and control converge in the merchandise management system. Our merchandise management system is ideal for every industrial sector. It doesn´t matter whether it is about fashion & textiles, building materials & DIY, furniture & decoration or electronic devices.

With our merchandise management system, you benefit from a system that thinks for itself. Whether it's a question of stock transfers, price changes or repeat orders, the merchandise management system makes suggestions. And when planning new purchases, you can stay within the limit much more easily with the help of comparison periods. Plus: With the dashboard of our integrated business intelligence tool, you always keep an eye on all company data and receive analyses in real time.  With our enterprise resource planning, you can manage millions of items and track where they go. Connect the web store for this purpose as well. You can also use the real-time connection for other systems that you want to link with REMIRA Retail.

Customer-centered shopping experience

Today's customers are networked and move flexibly in the shopping world. They do not differentiate between devices and channels, but demand a smooth, fast, and personalized shopping experience - in brick-and-mortar stores, online stores, apps, marketplaces, or social media. Retailers can therefore only achieve sustainable customer satisfaction if they offer cross-channel sales and service processes.

The SaaS solution acts as a control center and connects the agile world of digital commerce with existing IT, e.g. with ERP, payment service providers and internal logistics.  Our e-commerce solution automates all relevant processes, facilitates the connection of additional sales channels and realizes a short time-to-market!

Clear and intuitive

Operated by clear symbols and with just a few clicks: Our checkout software optimizes and accelerates checkout processes and makes both employees and customers happy. Central management automatically synchronizes all changes in the system. You can use live monitoring to check whether the innovations have really reached all stores.

Our POS software also tells you who your customers are and what they have already bought in other stores. This sets the course for omnichannel, as the software provides real-time data - important for connecting a web store! Other functions include the management of gift cards, vouchers, couponing and loyalty systems. Perfect, then, for customer loyalty!



App for the back office and sales floor

Our in-store app doesn't just make inventory easier. The app assists with other business processes, including customer registration, stock transfers and orders, and price changes. With the Click & Reserve option, you enable your customers to reserve items online in the store and then purchase them on site, after viewing or trying them on. Merchandise availability is assured for your customers. Mobile checkout is also child's play with our app.

Digitization of the Retail World

E-commerce is steadily gaining in importance, but local retail also remains relevant - if it manages to respond to modern customer demands. Link your online and offline channels to create a seamless customer journey!

This can be achieved with the help of our innovative IT systems.  For example, you can use them to map omnichannel functions such as Click & Collect and Click & Reserve.

The advantages of omnichannel

Companies benefit from reliable sales forecasts and automatic order suggestions with a system that optimizes their inventories. This results in numerous advantages for your company:

acquiring loyal customers

higher sales

more customers

high customer satisfaction

Keeping Track with Dashboards

With our merchandise management system, you can organize all back-office processes such as goods receipt or goods returns, customer management or controlling. All data is stored and evaluated in your enterprise resource planning. With a dashboard, you convert the company data into clear analyses that are available in real time on a stationary or mobile basis. With the help of graphically prepared evaluations and individual reports, you can keep an eye on your KPIs live and make your company's potential visible. Extended evaluation options result from the integration of data from additional sources, such as financial accounting or the web store. This gives you clarity for future strategies.

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Advantages of our Software for Retail

Ideal for one to over 500 stores


Reduction of inventories

In the cloud or local

Mobile Checkout

With tablet or smartphone

Would you also like to cash up on the move? Use a tablet cash register and complete the checkout process conveniently without cash. The receipt is sent digitally by e-mail. This saves your customers having to queue at the checkout and also relieves your checkout staff. Ideal for trade fairs, in the showroom or at peak times such as the Christmas season.

REMIRA-Instore-App Neu

Inventory Made Easy

With our in-store app, you can easily and quickly take inventory with your own smartphone. Simply download the app and off you go. This saves you time and money and you no longer need to borrow inventory scanners. You can easily import the data into any backend system. So nothing gets lost.

Complex Becomes Easy

Many system landscapes have been expanded over the years and have now reached an enormous level of complexity. The large number of different interfaces connecting all systems makes this landscape confusing and error-prone. Well-networked omnichannel business processes are thus difficult to implement. With our e-commerce solution, however, you don't have to intervene in this existing IT or even replace it. This is because we decouple the existing IT from e-commerce. The REMIRA solution simplifies your system landscape, reduces interfaces and clearly combines all relevant e-commerce systems. 

Our Omnichannel Solutions


Scalable SaaS platform for e-commerce startup and growth. Easy connection of sales channels and shipping warehouses.


Manage back office and customer service via app. For inventory, goods receipt, stocks, click & collect and mobile checkout.

POS software

Legally compliant cashing with online cash registers. Up-to-date inventory, customer loyalty, functional depth. For all non-food industries.

Merchandise management

Time-saving, automated planning, procurement and control of items. Inventory management system with live data.