LOGOMATE at bonprix

bonprix: Better store supply and less manual effort

At the fashion provider bonprix, LOGOMATE ensures that goods are delivered to where they have the best sales opportunities. The interlinking of stocks and sales forecasts enables demand-oriented planning across all sales channels.


Since its foundation in 1986, bonprix Handelsgesellschaft, a subsidiary of the Otto Group in Hamburg, has developed into one of the leading fashion suppliers in Europe. Its hallmarks are innovative spirit and flexibility. This includes a consistent multi-channel strategy of online retailing, catalogue business, teleshopping and more than 100 branches internationally, which ensures continuous growth. In addition to women's, men's and children's clothing, house and home textiles, small furniture and accessories are offered.

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The strong growth in the retail business meant that the inventory planning had to be put on new foundations. For this purpose, the inventory management software LOGOMATE from REMIRA has been used for years. Dr. Markus Janz, Head of Retail at bonprix, explains the most important tasks: “Optimizing the supply of goods to the stores and targeting goods from our warehouse to where it has the greatest sales opportunities.” The purchasers should no longer have to look at every item themselves, the manual effort has been significantly reduced. LOGOMATE controls scheduling as needed – by interlinking stocks, demand and sales forecasts.

"We have to react daily to the stock and sales situation in the stores."

Targeted planning for mass-produced items

Around 10,000 items per season go to the stores gradually and at different times. Depending on the sales figures, bonprix controls the aftersupply quantity to the corresponding stores.

"LOGOMATE is very well suited for this task because it handles the process much more efficiently,"

emphasizes Dr. Janz.

Flexibility taken into account

At the same time as the installation of the automatic scheduling system, logistics was changed, as bonprix Retail opened its own warehouse in Oranienburg near Berlin. Here, too, all processes have been re-adjusted. During the cooperation with REMIRA, Dr. Janz has gained consistently positive experiences: “From my point of view, the cooperation went very well, it was very intensive and it is still today, because we keep making changes because processes have changed for us. We implemented a lot very quickly.”

The system needs people

One of LOGOMATE’s great strengths is the relief of effort said the head of the retail business. “It’s a tool that you can work with very efficiently, and it contains a lot of logic that allows optimal planning results.” At the same time, he emphasizes that man retains his controlling tasks. “LOGOMATE does not replace the intelligence in front of the system. But it helps to use them for other tasks.” The international schedulings have been moved into the night, so LOGOMATE shows results in the morning. Today, planners can take much more care of conceptual questions of goods management.


  • Store purchasing with LOGOMATE
  • 10.000 items per season

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