Overview of all Sales Processes with the REMIRA INSTORE App 


      The INSTORE App provides high-quality advice to employees on the sales floor by digitally displaying all store processes and customer-relevant data. This allows checkout processes to be conducted directly on the sales floor, eliminating the need for long queues. 

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      Mobile checkout with the INSTORE App

      Experience the convenience of cashless and hassle-free checkout with the REMIRA INSTORE App! Our app enables mobile checkout and flexible customer service using a tablet or smartphone right on the sales floor. This eliminates long queues and reduces the workload of staff at checkout. After a transaction is completed, the receipt can be emailed to the customer or printed for their convenience. This streamlined process enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring a swift experience, fostering greater customer loyalty and driving increased sales. 
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      Make shopping easier for your customers 

      If the desired item is not currently available in the desired quantity, you can utilize stock queries to request and reserve the item from other stores. The INSTORE app also facilitates in-store services such as Click & Reserve and Click & Collect. This provides customers with multiple options to obtain the product they desire, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. 

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      "For example, the customer chooses trousers and a belt, meanwhile we can already collect their data with the app, scan the items, neatly fold the clothes and when the customer is at the checkout, all they have to do is say what their name is." Markus Wahl, Director at

      All-round customer advice with the INSTORE app

      Enhance customer satisfaction with mobile checkout and in-store advice. Elevate the quality of your customer service by making all product information readily available in the app. This empowers your staff to quickly deliver more personalized advice to individual customers. 
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      Improve your branch management

      The app allows for the digital mapping and standardization of all store processes. Tasks such as incoming goods, price markdowns, inventory management and transfers can be easily recorded and executed using the app. This streamlines store management and saves valuable staff time. Furthermore, the app enables the direct shipment of items not available in-store to customers. The outcome is enhanced customer satisfaction, fostering greater customer loyalty and driving increased sales. 


      Further advantages of the INSTORE App

      Fast digitization
      of the branch

      All processes can be digitally mapped and networked through the flexible use of the app on the various end devices.

      Advice and back-office functions

      Advice functions such as inventory enquiries and back-office functions such as discounts and markdowns can be accessed and edited at any time.

      Easy connection to external applications

      External applications and dynamic URLs can be easily connected to the app. All data is available in one system.

      Customer installation and management

      The app allows you to create clients in the system and manage their details. This way you are always aware of the status of the customer and can give them the best advice.

      Warehouse processes always visible

      Whether it is a goods receipt, inventory transfer or supplier return – all warehouse processes can be recorded and accessed by the user at any time. This ensures that all information regarding goods movements is readily available.

      Simple implementation of the inventory

      With the REMIRA INSTORE App, inventory can be easily conducted online or offline, eliminating the need for scanners. This saves valuable time, effort and resources.

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