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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about us and our software solutions:

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Questions about REMIRA

Which software solutions do we offer?
We have software solutions for the entire supply chain: planning, purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and collaboration.

What are the requirements for implementing one of our solutions?
Our software solutions are either cloud-ready or can be easily connected to the existing ERP system through interfaces.

Are free consultations available?
Yes, we offer free web sessions to introduce our products and show demo versions.

Fragen rund um STATCONTROL und die Stichprobeninventur

Can we arrange for you to visit us without obligation?
Of course. Just get in touch.

Isn’t a full count more reliable? I want to know exactly what’s in my warehouse.
When you have several thousand items to count, experience has shown that there is ample room for error – both during counting and during transfer. And then there is often just not enough time to check and correct these errors, so that they end up in your book inventory balance. The methods implemented in our products are permitted by law and ensure that the informational value of the sample inventory bears comparison to that of a full inventory. However, stocks need to be correct throughout the year and not just at the time of the inventory. Statistical methods offer very effective options for stock evaluation in this respect.

What do I need in order to use the sample inventory?
An IT-supported warehouse management system and software certified for sample inventory.

Is the software state of the art?
Yes, all Stat Control systems are regularly updated, upgraded and tested by leading accounting firms. The current versions run under Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Are the systems offered by Stat Control GmbH recognised by certified accountants and the tax authority?
Yes, because all Stat Control systems are subjected to very comprehensive testing by renowned accounting firms and all are fully certified.

Which interfaces do STASAM and STASEQ use?
We use standard ASCII and SQL interfaces that enable problem-free data exchange with all existing ERP and inventory control systems but, generally speaking, we can realise an interface for any system.

How long do the installation and training take?
We can generally achieve both in a single day.

What is the difference between STASAM and STASEQ?
STASAM is an extrapolation-based sample inventory, which is ideal for conventional warehouses. After counting the randomly selected items, a value-based extrapolation is conducted across the total stock value and compared with the stock book value.

As a sequential test, STASEQ requires higher inventory reliability than STASAM. STASEQ initially takes 30 samples and compares the counted quantities with target quantities. If there is no deviation, the inventory is terminated (yes/no decision without consideration of value). STASEQ is ideal for automatic and high-bay stores, but can also be implemented in other warehouses with high inventory reliability.

How much counting work is involved with STASAM and STASEQ?
With STASAM, the counting work is reduced to approx. 3-5%, depending on the structure of the warehouse.
With STASEQ, the minimum sample is 30 items.

Which procedures does STASAM use?
STASAM includes all four permitted extrapolation procedures: mean-value estimation, difference estimation, ratio estimation and regression estimation.

Do STASAM and STASEQ also compile the inventory documents?
Yes, all of them. The set-up and scope correspond exactly to the requirements of the auditors.

Are there any others from our industry using your systems? Can you give us any references?
We have customers from virtually all industries with a range of different warehouse organisations. We are happy to provide references and put you in touch.