ABI live on Outperform Planning

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Outperform Planning was selected by ABI to automate the process to manage the replenishment of stock based on min/max levels. Outperform was chosen because it met the requirements of ABI. One of them was the ability to integrate their Demand, Replenishment, Inventory and Production planning in one tool with flexibility at every level.

ABI produces and also buys beverages which are sold to customers serviced from various depots. Each manufacturing plant has a default depot and this in turn replenishes all other depots. The replenishment to various depots drives the production of the beverages at the plant. The replenishment parameters are minimum and multiple batch sizes to replenish the stock to a level equal to the maximum inventory or based on replenishment cycle whenever it drops below the re-order stock level. The total requirements for all the forward depots are then totaled up to the plant level. At the plant level, a kit size is used to plan the production quanitities in each of the plants.

About ABI:

Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI) is SAB's soft drinks division. It is one of the largest producer and distributor of Coca-Cola brands in the southern hemisphere. With five state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and 13 distribution centers in South Africa, ABI accounts for approximately 60% of Coca-Cola’s sales in South Africa. ABI also has an agreement with Appletiser to distribute and sell their products. The company has operations in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, parts of the North-West and the Free State. ABI was established in 1976.


Outperform Planning is the basis of our Integrated Lean Supply Chain and has already proven to be useful to bring our stock outs down.

Andrew Ferrett, Supply Chain Director ABI