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      SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET provides you with numerous modules as standard. Individual enterprise customizations are also possible. In the end, you benefit from the optimal range of functions for digitizing your purchasing and supplier communication. 

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      All modules at a glance

      Request management - eAuction

      Invitations to tender and price requests are issued automatically and the entry of bidding data can be viewed centrally on the platform by all users.

      Demand and capacity preview

      Give your supplier insight into planned orders and benefit from feedback with potential supplier capacities.

      Order processing

      Digital processes enable transparency, time savings and real-time communication with suppliers. Manual reconciliation is no longer necessary. Any type of order can be processed, regardless of whether it's a serial item, project order, etc.

      Dashboards and analyses

      Key figures, processes and pending tasks are displayed transparently and in real time in the individual dashboard.

      Document management

      Manage and distribute all your documents via the supplier portal.

      Labeling for your suppliers

      A web-based label printing tool provides you with daily updated and order-specific labels worldwide.

      Internal release process

      Set up an additional release process according to put order value limits, in order to have purchase orders from the ERP released once again.

      Supplier self-disclosure

      The collection and management of supplier-related data and documents, such as operating certificates or company key figures, runs automatically. In addition, there is monitoring and escalation for timely deposit and updating of documents.

      Long-term supplier declaration (LLE)

      Exchange of LLE data with your supplier and transmit the information to your DMS, ERP or other management systems.

      Supplier rating

      A descriptive dashboard shows a structured overview of the past performance of the various suppliers, their ratings and the most important key figures.

      Shipping notification and tracking

      The portal generates packing lists and electronic shipping notifications at package level and enables tracking due to the order tracking function.

      Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI)

      In the portal, your supplier receives an insight into the daily updated stocks and requirement quantities in order to manage your stocks.

      Quality and complaints management

      Automatic monitoring and escalation of quality-related notifications enable timely processing. Complaint data can be viewed centrally by all users.

      Master data maintenance

      Supplier and article master data can be viewed or edited. A clear security concept ensures authenticated access.

      Customs and invoice verification

      Connection to external system such as customs & accounting for preparation and automatic processing of data.

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      "We have chosen REMIRA because the company and its employees radiate competence and reliability. Also, SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET has already been successfully used by other companies and is well accepted by their suppliers as well." Helmut Brosch, Project Manager of supply chain projects at

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