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White Paper:
S&OP for the Food Industry 

How can you combine and optimize your planning and decision-making processes in a unified operation? Our free white paper gives you an insight into the Sales & Operations Planning process, answers the most important questions on the subject and shows the benefits of  using Sales & Operations Planning - with a focus on the food industry.

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The free white paper contains...

  • a general overview of Sales & Operations Planning,
  • how S&OP can help you conquer the challenges of the food industry,
  • the three success factors for implementing Sales & Operations Planning in your company,
  • the key benefits S&OP has on your company.

Which benefits does S&OP bring to your company?

In many companies, planning and decision-making processes are still made department by department, resulting in coordination problems and lengthy processes. Sales & Operations Planning, on the other hand, is a holistic and cross-departmental planning process that harmonizes supply and demand, involves all departments involved in the processes and supports team coordination. In this way, the existing market potential can be fully exploited, and decisions can be made quickly and reliably on the basis of valid data.

The supply chain in the food industry in particular is under constant optimization stress. Overproduction must be prevented, and in the course of this, the pressure on companies to further advance the topic of sustainability is also increasing - all of this, of course, always with the best possible economic efficiency. It is therefore not surprising that planning plays a particularly important role in the food industry - and on a wide variety of levels. What these are and how you meet them despite all the challenges, such as the high requirements with regard to hygiene and traceability - we'll tell you!