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Integrated Sales & Operations Planning

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What are the benefits of Sales & Operations Planning for my company?

In many companies, planning and decision-making processes are still made department by department, resulting in coordination problems and lengthy processes. Sales & Operations Planning, on the other hand, is a holistic and cross-departmental planning process that harmonizes supply and demand, involves all departments involved in the processes and supports team coordination. In this way, the existing market potential can be fully exploited, and decisions can be made quickly and reliably on the basis of valid data. The company can react flexibly to market changes at any time. All information is brought together and everyone involved is talking about the same number (one-number forecasting). This coordinated approach gives companies a decisive competitive advantage.

What does the Sales & Operations Planning process involve?

Which processes can I optimize with Sales & Operations Planning?

How do I integrate Sales & Operations Planning into my company?

What are the benefits of Sales & Operations Planning?