CWS-boco: More inventory turnover and fewer load peaks

CWS-boco, a leading expert in textile services, supplies around 13,000 pre-produced items for the production of workwear. To ensure that the goods are stocked in sufficient quantities at all times, the company manages its warehouse and production sites with LOGOMATE. The stock turnover of actively managed textiles has increased from 1.4 to 2.3 since the introduction.


The CWS-boco Group is a company of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH based in Duisburg. Under the boco label, workwear and industrial textiles are offered for industry, gastronomy, crafts and health & care products.

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High customizability

CWS-boco manufactures and rents out individual work clothes for every need throughout Europe. Demand planning, scheduling and planning of production capacities are carried out using LOGOMATE.

“The main thing that convinced us when selecting was that the software can be individually extensible and can be adapted to the specific customer requirements”,

says Lutz Leischner, Head of Inventory Management at CWS-boco.

Planning based on foresights of needed clothing sizes

LOGOMATE’s forecasting function informs CWS-boco about which goods will sell and how in the future. This is calculated based on sales figures from previous years. LOGOMATE also dynamically adjusts the safety stocks for each item: If, for example, short-sleeved shirts are ordered due to seasonal factors, the software reacts in advance and initiates orders early. Overall, CWS-boco was able to minimize the risk of out-of-stock situations while increasing the number of active items in the warehouse. In addition to the required quantity of items, CWS-boco must take into account the distribution of the individual dress sizes in production. This is achieved with the advanced forecasting function of LOGOMATE: The software first calculates the forecast for an article and then splits it up to the individual dress sizes.

Capacity planning with LM capa+

With the LOGOMATE module LM capa+, CWS-boco books exactly as many sewing minutes per week in the individual production plants as are required for the production of the current orders. LM capa+ enables the needs-based planning of personnel and machine utilization and can be connected, for example, to time recording systems. The Add-On automatically balances all orders as well as the utilization of the individual sewing operations in minutes. In order to meet agreed delivery dates, LM capa+ makes suggestions as to which order work can be brought forward or transferred.

“Thanks to the LOGOMATE assistance, we can respond flexibly to peak orders and coordinate delivery dates in a forward-looking manner”,

describes Leischner.

With the help of LOGOMATE, CWS-boco increased the stock turnover for the items actively managed via the software from 1.4 to 2.3 and laying the foundation for short delivery times and high availability.

“Our goal was to manage the complexity of production and logistics processes in such a way that as few out-of-stock situations as possible arise. We have achieved this together with REMIRA. Our product availability has improved sustainably to over 95 percent”,

explains Leischner.


  • The items are sold or sold directly to B2B customers
  • Increased the availability of goods to more than 95
  • 'warehouse turnover' increased from 1.4 to 2.3
  • capacity planning with LM capa+

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