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Supplier Integration Guide

 How to digitalize the communication between purchasing, suppliers and logistics. REMIRA's free whitepaper provides you with an overview of the possibilities of digital supplier integration in your procurement process.

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What are the advantages of digitalized supplier collaboration?

Simple and digital processes as well as optimal communication between your company and all suppliers are essential for your company's success because manual processes for ordering and receiving goods are error-prone, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and often confusing. Customers expect short delivery times and delivery reliability, and the interdependence of global markets is increasing the pressure on individual companies and their business processes. In order to remain competitive and to guarantee a smooth and optimized procurement process, optimal communication with suppliers is very important. With the new whitepaper, REMIRA provides a guide to effective supplier integration and shows how much your company can benefit from a digital procurement process.

What are the ways to digitalize my procurement process?

What are the issues in goods receiving and how can I solve them?

What are the advantages of a digitized supplier portal?

What options are there beside an EDI system?